Four-Year-Old Girl Eats 15 Pieces of Edible Marijuana Product: Police

HALIFAX — A four-year-old girl who ate 15 pieces of an edible marijuana product she thought was a chocolate bar has been released from a Halifax-area hospital.

Police say the recommended daily consumption of the product is one piece — for an adult.

They say the girl’s father realized the bar was missing from the console of his vehicle on Saturday and noticed the four-year-old was looking very pale.

He called 911, and police were dispatched to the family’s home in East Petpeswick, a rural community east of Halifax.

The RCMP say they are investigating, but no charges have been laid.

The Mounties issued a statement today saying the possession of edible marijuana products for – recreational use – will remain illegal even after the sale of recreational cannabis becomes legal on Oct. 17.

The Canadian Press

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