Flow Kana Moves From California Wine to Crafted Marijuana

Flow Kana is set on transforming a well-known California winery into a “Willy-Wonka” Factory for crafted marijuana.

As a specialty cannabis location for crafted marijuana, Flow Kana is building a weed preparing and producing center on the site of a previous winery in Mendocino County. The organization obtained the 80 acre-section of land, which was previously owned by the family of Fetzer Vineyards for $3.6 million in 2017.

Much like a winery that hosts visits and tastings, the Flow Cannabis Institute will construct cannabis encounters around the operation. Guests will be able to visit the place where agriculturists’ process, produce and bundle weed for distribution. They will also be educated about the plant and its uses and have access to a close, pot-accommodating overnight boardinghouse.

The Flow Cannabis Institute is the first of its kind in California

The Flow Cannabis Institute empowers small type ranchers to scale and rival Big Marijuana brands. The organization sources from ranches that grow outside without pesticides. But on the other hand, it offers an open door for the organization to teach new shoppers about the not so long ago derided industry.

This Wonka Factory for weed accompanies one noteworthy provision. Flow Kana has no plans to develop or offer cannabis on the property; however, it wants to open a “tasting room” where persons above 21 years old of age could relax with some cannabis wine as California law permits possession of up to an ounce of weed.

On January 1, recreational cannabis was legalized in the Golden State, where medical utilization of cannabis has been lawful since 1996.