San Antonians Ready For a Rally to “Free The Weed In Texas”

“Park in the surrounding area and find the cannabis signs, banners and flags. You won’t miss us,” said the San Antonio group, Free The Weed In Texas.

Yet in another step to break the siege on marijuana in the southern U.S. state of Texas, a group which calls itself “Free the Weed in Texas” has prepared to march on Feb. 10 in San Antonio city.

About 465 people on the group’s Facebook event page said they will be going.

“This is a walk to educate the public about the lack of cannabis freedom we have here in Texas and how to get active to change that,” the group said, demanding: “We want recreational use and medical use come 2019, no questions asked.”

The group further said that they want to openly carry cannabis. “We want to stop locking people in cages because of a plant,” it added.

But it explained that “this movement has NOTHING to do with guns,” and that they are “not affiliated with any political group or organization.”

“We are fed up with the lack of cannabis freedom and we are here to do something about it.”

The trend to legalize marijuana is spreading in the United States. There are now nine states, which have legalized recreational marijuana, and 29 others allowing the medical use of cannabis.

Some Changes in Texas

This month, Texas has witnessed some major yet small changes when it comes to cannabis.

Compassionate Cultivation on Thursday opened its doors to its customers to become the first licensed cannabis oil dispensary in Texas.

The news comes after a 6-year-old girl, who suffers from epilepsy, became the first Texan to receive medical marijuana prescription.

However, the dispensary will only sell one product, which has very low-THC, to a limited group of customers.

THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis that gives people the feeling of being high.

So for the only people who are eligible for medical marijuana prescriptions in Texas are the ones with intractable epilepsy. And in order to get the cannabis oil for their treatment, they have to visit one of 17 state-approved doctors before visiting the dispensary.