Garden centers in Calgary want permission to sell marijuana seeds

Garden centers in Calgary want permission to sell marijuana seeds.

Customers of some Garden centers are already querying if they will be able to purchase their marijuana seeds and seedlings at the local centers.

As Canada, inches closer to legalize recreational marijuana on Oct. 17, its federal law is set to allow Canadians to grow up to four marijuana plants in their homes for personal use.

However, the selling of plants or seeds is prohibited unless permission is granted to a provincially or territorially regulated retailer.

The restriction is extended to garden centers too.

The cannabis market will be a government-owned monopoly in all of Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, making the sale of marijuana a regulated transaction.

However, Alberta, Newfoundland and British Columbia will have a blended market, combining both government and private. Manitoba and Saskatchewan will have a privatized market.

Selling seeds good for business

Lisa Silva from Bluegrass Nursery in Calgary explained that customers are already wondering if they would be able to acquire their seeds or seedlings at the center.

She believes it would be a benefit to the business.

“It’s another market opportunity for us to capture.”

Meanwhile, private owned New Leaf Cannabis has plans to open 18 stores in Alberta but are undecided whether to sell seeds or seedlings.

“It’s a challenge just training our staff to be good as cannabis advisers. If employees were to sell plants and seeds, he adds, they would need to be “good horticulture advisers too.”