Gardner Teams Up With Another Senator to Press Trump on his Marijuana Promise

Cory Gardner, the Republican senator from Colorado, is partnering up with his Democratic counterpart from Massachusetts to press on U.S. President Donald Trump to stick to his promise of protecting states’ rights on marijuana.

Gardner told Yahoo News, that he met with Warren and “a number of senators on both sides of the aisle” on Wednesday to discuss a bill that will disallow the federal government from interfering in state-controlled marijuana industries.

Gardner said the draft of the bill could appear as early as later this week.

“Basically, this is a states’ rights bill. This is a federalism bill that says if a state like Colorado decides to move forward on medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, CBDs …, hemp, that that activity is going to be lawful, legally carried out,” Gardner told Yahoo News.

CBD is the non-psychoactive component found in both cannabis and hemp.

“If Oklahoma wishes to maintain a prohibition on marijuana, then it would be illegal under state and local law in Oklahoma. But as far as Colorado goes, there would no longer be an illegal activity,” Gardner added.

In response to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ clampdown in early January on states where marijuana is already legal like Colorado, Gardner held up about 20 Justice nominations.

Jeff Sessions said two Bufferin pills could help instead of taking opioid prescription for pain. (File image via Getty)
Jeff Sessions previously said two Bufferin pills could help instead of taking opioid prescription for pain. (File image via Getty)

Gardner blocking nominees from getting a Senate floor vote — the last major step before they can start work at the Department of Justice —  delayed the department from continuing its vital functions.

In mid-April, Gardner said Trump has agreed to protect rights of his state on marijuana, ending a standoff with the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, Warren lambasted Sessions after his clampdown on marijuana in January

According to Gardner, he and Warren had “a number of conversations.”

“It was clear that Elizabeth Warren and I were thinking about the same kind of approach on a federalism level,” Gardner told Yahoo News.