Government to Test Wastewater to See How Much Pot Canadians are Consuming

In late December, Statistics Canada released a series of comprehensive figures illuminating on Canadian behavior when it comes to marijuana.

However, this is not enough.

Statistics Canada has a new task to complete. It has issued on Monday a tender for specialized companies to help the agency collect wastewater to analyze “cannabis metabolites, and may include other drugs as well.”

The analysis is expected to be done for multiple municipalities, at least 15 and up to 20 on a monthly basis.

It said:

“The Agency will be collecting information on cannabis consumption through the analysis of municipal wastewater.”

On its page, Statistics Canada said it has a “requirement to collect statistics on the production and consumption of cannabis, medical and non-medical, both before and after the expected legalization of cannabis this summer.”

The closing date for the bidders will be on Feb. 26.

This creative way of measuring drug use is not new.

Global News reported that Statistics Canada has said that it is following a European model, specifically the methodology used by the European SCORE network (Sewage analysis CORe group – Europe).

The method is considered to be highly precise, cheap and doesn’t put any heavy burden on any respondents.