Greece Wants to Adopt Marijuana Culture, Train its People to Grow Cannabis

Before the Greek parliament makes the medical use of marijuana official, a new site to grow and package cannabis has been proposed.

A new site for growing and packaging marijuana has been proposed in the northern Greek city of Veria, the Australia-based Neo Kosmos newspaper recently reported.

Veria is said to have a very suitable climate to grow weed, similar to California.

If the proposal goes through, the project will generate about 2,000 jobs in the next two to three years, Neo Kosmos added.

Syriza, the leftist ruling party in the coalition government, expressed enthusiasm over the project. The government is expected to propose legislation to kickstart these type of projects as early as possible.

The news comes before Greece makes the medical use of marijuana official. The Greek Parliament is expected to approve the medical use of cannabis, most probably in the first weeks of February.

So far, Greece has 10 foreign investors, eying to pitch in to make profits. The first round of investment is said to be $610,857,340.16 (CDN) and it is expected to peak as high as $2.28 billion.

In an earlier interview with Bloomberg, one of the investors, Michael Blady, said: “in Greece, we’re not looking at bringing people in from other areas that have cannabis experience.”  He added,

“We’re going to train as many people as we need and we’re going to start our own culture here.”

Greece has suffered a long financial crisis, exacerbating unemployment to be as high as 20 percent in 2012. Greece is hoping investment in the new burgeoning weed sector will bring some green cash back to the country and spur employment.

Agriculture Minister Evangelos Apostolou also expressed the need to keep profits coming from weed projects within the country.

Apostolou said: “There’s significant interest by the investor community to exploit the possibilities of the new legal framework for medicinal cannabis in Greece.”