‘Green The Vote’ Group: Oklahoma’s Recreational Pot Count Was Inflated

A former board member of “Green the Vote” sounded the alarm that the group has not acquired the signatures needed for the November ballot to legalize recreational pot.

Dody Sullivan, a former board member, said the group hasn’t attained 132,000 signatures to enable Oklahomans to push for a ballot to legalize recreational marijuana.

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma cannabis group said they have acquired the required number of signatures to have State Question 797 added to the November ballot.

Sullivan explained that the number collected is a lot less than what has been announced.

“The numbers that have been spoken are not even close to what is in the office, It’s a big lie.”

She continued saying that the group initially inflated the numbers in hopes to encourage members to come out and sign the petition but that did not work.

Only 73,000 Signatures

In order for State Question 797 to be added to November ballot, 124,000 approved signatures must be on the petition.

Sullivan was the person overseeing the counting of the signatures.

“The numbers that I counted were not the numbers you were given.”

Ashley Mullen-Lowry, meanwhile, corroborates Sullivan’s statements.

She said that when she went to the office of Green the Vote on Saturday the signatures on the petition only totaled 73,000 for State Question 797.

Full Disclosure

One of the leaders of Green the Vote, Isaac Caviness, also said that the numbers were inflated to build a strong momentum.

He added that he was sideswiped by the video posted on Facebook.

“We did not mean this in any kind of malicious way. We felt like we were estimating very close. I should not have told you all that these were hard numbers. I should have told you all that these were estimates.”

Caviness explained that there is a possibility that the numbers will increase because they are awaiting petitions from some of the volunteers.