Grow Your Own – The Official Grow Guide for Cannabis

Are you ready to grow your own cannabis plants come October 17th?

For first-time growers, this grow guide for cannabis can help you out. From the writers at HighTimes comes the perfect guide to ensure that you are prepared with the necessary equipment and knowledge to succeed with your grow at home.

The Official Grow Guide for Cannabis

The clocks are ticking and Canadians have less than two months until the new Cannabis Act becomes law in Canada. Following a release from the Canadian Government and the approval of Bill C-45 in the Senate, Canadians will have the ability for a household to possess and grow up to four plants. While growing may seem easy at first, as is the thought of most when looking at a plant, cannabis requires a certain environment to grow.

Thankfully HighTimes and their official grow guide for cannabis has the basics to get you growing. And it’s pretty self-explanatory what they list as most important: space.

Cannabis Variables in Growing

Cannabis plants, depending on strain and genetics, can grow exponentially in height requiring sufficient space to vegetate, (the period of time the plant is growing) and to flower, (the period of time when the buds begin to form.) Ensure you have enough space to consider these needs to allow for healthy, abundant plants.

Other important items to check off on the grow guide for cannabis list are proper ventilation and drainage.

grow guide for cannabis

In addition, choose an appropriate medium for growing your cannabis in, a proper grow
light that emits full spectrum waves, and nutrients designed for Cannabis plants
to promote strong, healthy plants. Be sure to check out the Puff Puff Post for a full review on how to set up your grow space so you can be ready to grow yourself.