High demand for medical marijuana in Germany has caused a strain on health insurance companies

A cannabis report published by German health insurance company Techniker-Krankenkasse and the University of Bremen discovered the 16,000 patients nationwide applied for reimbursement.

The high demand for medical marijuana has increased.

It has been placing a burdening the country’s health insurance since the substance was legalized in March 2017.

Before the law was enforced approximately 1,100 people were applying for reimbursement of medical marijuana costs. Now that number has increased to 16,000.

Therapy based on cannabis is more expensive than other drugs.

University of Bremen professor and author of the study (Image via Apotheke Adhoc)

Treatments that have cannabis flowers base are four times more expensive than alternative treatments.

According to University of Bremen professor and author of the study, Gerd Glaseke, it is still unclear who cannabis helps. He believes more investigation is needed.

“It is unclear which groups of patients’ cannabis help in which dose — and in which form it should best be administered.”

Doctors treating persons are compelled to provide proper justification for the treatment especially if reimbursement from the insurance company is required.