Horwath: NDP’s stance on marijuana is to “wait and see”

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath told the Puff Puff Post on Sunday that her party’s stance on marijuana is to “wait and see” what the Liberal government has done so far.

Ontarians now can either pick NDP‘s Horwath or the leader of the Progressive Conservative Doug Ford to be their upcoming premier of Canada’s most populated province.

The provincial election was reduced to a race between two candidates when the Liberal candidate Kathleen Wynne made an emotional announcement on Saturday following discouraging poll numbers. Wynne conceded defeat to salvage whatever seats she can for her party.

It was Wynne’s Liberal party that charged through its promise to legalize recreational marijuana after Justin Trudeau won the federal election in 2015.

However, the Liberal party has been heavily criticized for its policy to legalize recreational marijuana especially in Ontario over what many see as an impending government monopoly.

To steal the Liberal’s thunder, Ford said in March that he will privatize and create a free market for marijuana, a statement Wynne dubbed as “reckless.”

But Ford too didn’t make any new bold statements on marijuana during the election race. However, Ford had admitted to using marijuana in high school and once told CNN in an interview that “I wasn’t slinging any hash.”

Meanwhile, the NDP maintained a neutral tone on how the government is handling the process to legalize cannabis but made its voice heard that nobody deserves to have a record over a “simple” possession of marijuana.

Horwath further clarified NDP’s position on marijuana when she said:

“At this time we have to wait and see what is still winding through the federal government.”

“We have to see What Ms. Wynne and the Liberals have done so far,” Horwath told The Puff Puff Post after her rally at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto.

“But what we want is to make sure that this new substance…is obtainable in a safe, socially responsible way, and that’s our priority.”

Andrea Horwath speaks to reporters after her rally on Sunday.

During the rally Horwath heavily criticized Ford’s Conservative election platform.

“[Ford] He will bring more cuts and privatization, more corruption to Queen’s Park. And this is what people are rejecting,” she told reporters.

According to Global News, the NDP and the Conservatives are so far in a tie when it comes to where they stand in public opinion ahead of the Ontario election.

The provincial election is June 7.