How Fast Does CBD Oil Work? An Intro to CBD Medicine

How Fast Does CBD Oil Work? An Intro to CBD

We can’t deny that our society is a society that wants everything done quickly. We want it fast and easy, and we want the effects right now. So if you’re someone who suffers from a chronic medical condition, you want a medicine that is not only effective but works quickly as well. The popularity of medical cannabis saw an increase in patients switching to CBD oil. They find CBD oil a safe and effective treatment for their symptoms. If you want to try this oil for your health, you might be wondering how fast does CBD oil work. Will it effectively control your symptoms? More important, is CBD oil safe for long-term use?

How fast does CBD oil work actually depends on several factors.

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Your Metabolism and How Fast Does CBD Oil Work

CBD oil and metabolism

The answer to “How fast does CBD oil work” depends on your metabolism. People with faster metabolisms metabolize CBD more quickly than those with slower metabolisms. A faster metabolism means that your cells will receive CBD sooner. So you can expect to feel the effects quickly.

In addition to this, “how fast does CBD oil work” also depends on your body type. Shorter as well as thinner individuals feel the effects of CBD faster than taller and stouter people.

Mode of Delivery and How Fast Does CBD Oil Work

Another factor that affects how fast does CBD oil work is the mode of delivery. Do you ingest it? Do you smoke or vape it? Or do you apply it on your skin? How about sublingual and suppository CBD?

Ingestion and how fast does CBD oil work

If you ingest it, then expect some time before you actually feel any effect. CBD goes through your digestive system. Your stomach processes the food, including CBD, before it goes to your liver. Once in the liver, CBD gets broken down into its smaller form. These smaller forms are called metabolites. In their smaller form, some of them will go into your bloodstream and then into your cells. Other metabolites will be excreted by your body.

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Smoking or vaping and how fast does CBD oil work

Vaping CBD

How fast does CBD oil work through inhalation is quicker than ingestion. Unlike ingesting CBD, where it passes through the digestive system and the liver, inhaling CBD goes directly into your bloodstream. Since it bypasses several organs, you’ll feel the effects faster than simply ingesting CBD.

Topicals and how fast does CBD oil work

If you’re wondering how fast does CBD oil work if you apply it on your skin, then know that it’s the slowest among the different methods. It usually takes over an hour before you feel any effects.

Sublingual and suppository and how fast does CBD oil work

Like inhalation, sublingual and suppository CBD products also deliver fast results since it won’t have to go through the digestive tract and liver.

For inhalation, sublingual, and suppository, expect to feel the effects in just minutes. For ingestion though, it usually takes anywhere between half an hour to about an hour and a half.

Potency and How Fast Does CBD Oil Work

How fast does CBD oil work depends on its potency. The higher the dosage, the faster the effects. However, it should be noted that CBD also produces some side effects. These include tiredness as well as appetite changes. Don’t worry though. These side effects typically go away when your body gets used to the addition of CBD.

Compared to other prescription drugs though, these CBD’s side effects are very minimal. Many patients tolerate them very well. CBD doesn’t produce significant changes in heart rate, breathing, temperature, and blood pressure. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t produce mind-altering effects. It won’t induce paranoia and anxiety.

To be safe though, always start with a low dose of CBD. If it can’t effectively control your symptoms, then simply increase your dosage on your next use. You’ll soon get the right dosage that effectively works for you.

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How fast does CBD oil work and should it matter to you?

Knowing how fast does CBD oil work actually matters.

Say for example you’re suffering from an acute condition like a migraine headache. Of course, you want to feel its analgesic effects quickly. So the method of delivery and how fast does CBD oil work matter.

Methods of delivery that produces the fastest results are inhalation, sublingual, and suppository. Of note, suppositories work for dysmenorrhea and pre-menstrual syndromes.

However, if you’re suffering from chronic medical conditions, you might want to try ingesting CBD. Yes, it takes some time for your body to metabolize CBD. However, it also allows CBD to stay in your body longer.

Of course, topical CBD products are best for chronic skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. Applying it directly into the affected area ensures that they will receive the treatment they need. Topical CBD also works wonders for acute muscle pain and soreness.

The anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibacterial properties of CBD also help relieve skin itching, rashes, and infections.

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Controlling the CBD Dosage

CBD Tincture

If you’re new to CBD, it’s important that you learn how to dose properly. Remember, how fast does CBD oil work will depend on a lot of factors. You don’t want to take too much only to feel some unwanted side effects after.

The right way to use CBD oil is to start slow and go slow. Start at the lowest dose possible, which is about 2.5 mg. Wait for a few minutes, about 30 minutes to 1-1/2 hours, and assess yourself. If you felt no relief, then administer a second, slightly higher, dose. Repeat until you finally get the right dosage that works for your symptoms. By dosing slowly, you can avoid some of the side effects associated with CBD use.

CBD produces numerous therapeutic benefits. Compared to prescription drugs, CBD is safe.

If you want to use CBD oil, discuss it with your primary care physician first. They know your medical history very well and can refer you to a good medical cannabis doctor. Your medical cannabis doctor will help you understand how fast does CBD oil work and develop the best strategy for your medical conditions.

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