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How to make cannabis edibles

How to make cannabis edibles

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Edibles - How to make cannabis edibles

How to make cannabis edibles

How to make cannabis edibles a great experience? The weed edible… One of the many glorious ways to consume cannabis. Easy cannabis edibles recipes, cannabutter, medical cannabis edibles are all fun to eat. Do we know the best way to go about eating them?
So you’ve been thinking of trying a cannabis edible for the first time to see what all this hype is about eh?
You should know that eating cannabis edibles to party or relax can be a fun and rewarding experience. But Remember! Thc does have the ability to intoxicate, and should, therefore, like anything else, be used responsibly.
I have before us the ultimate guide of all you need to know to guarantee an awesome edible experience. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the PuffPuffPost’s official guide to edibles.

Easy edibles cannabis recipes

Before we start, we should go over the best types of cannabis edibles.  There are many easy cannabis edible recipes, such as medical cannabis edibles and even cannabutter.  I shall start us off with a story that is all too common among so many edible users…Meet Gwen. Gwen wants to try cannabis edibles for the first time and enjoy a healthy dose of thc with her friends tonight. She eats an edible, and eagerly awaits the euphoric effects. She waits and waits to expect to feel something at any moment. A full hour goes by, and still no feeling of a cannabis high. She waits and waits, another full hour. Still nothing. By now Gwen is growing impatient and suspects the edibles she ate must not be potent enough. She eats another edible. This one should do the trick. No more than 5 minutes go by and suddenly Gwen is hit with a full frontal thc sensation. She consumed too much, and the effects are overwhelming her. She spends the rest of what should have been a night of fun, feeling over intoxicated. What went wrong here? Did the edibles do this to Gwen? Or in a momentary lapse of preparation, did Gwen, do this to herself? To find out what happened here, we need to delve into the rules of edible consumption and examine just how Gwen broke those rules.

Rule 1 – Know you’re dose

Unlike alcohol, Cannabis THC is a very safe, non-toxic substance with no known lethal dose. However, much like alcohol, when somebody ingests more than they can handle, there can be some undesirable side effects. Excess of THC beyond one’s threshold can result in a temporary increase in anxiety, agitation, elevated heart rates or even vomiting. One of the biggest mistakes Gwen made right off the bat, was eating a cannabis edible without inquiring what the dose was. One thing to remember for your first time is to start low and slow with a more manageable dose. 20 milligrams of THC eaten will get you higher than 20 milligrams of THC smoked, so you may have to dial your usual dosage back a bit. Most health experts recommend a conservative 5 to 10 milligrams of THC to start you off. Just because your party animal friend can down cannabis edibles like there potato chips and function fine, doesn’t mean you should immediately follow suite. Understand that everybody has different limitations when it comes to metabolizing thc. The process of knowing you’re dose is crucial to gauge how much thc you can consume comfortably, without hurling yourself into a sour experience. Know you’re limit stay within it.

Rule 2 – Wait….Just wait.

There is a difference between smoking and eating cannabis. When cannabis is smoked, you’re lungs diffuse the cannabis right away and you feel the high instantly. But when you eat cannabis, it is processed through the liver, and may take anywhere between 1 – 2 hours to feel the affects. Another one of Gwen’s many errors was failing to recognize this waiting period. She mistook the delayed process of the edible digesting as it being ineffective. In doing so she overcompensated by doubling her dose unnecessarily. Now any negative sensations she felt off the first edible will compound two ours later when she digests the second edible she ate. What Gwen SHOULD of done, was relax, sit back, eat Cheetos and let the edible run it’s full course. So if you take an edible and you keep waiting to feel it’s effects, but they never seem to arrive. Don’t Worry…wait some more. Give your body the appropriate amount of time to fully digest the edible, and then decide wither or not you want more thc in you’re system.

Rule 3 – Know what to expect

So you’ve taken the appropriate dosage that bests suits YOU and you have exercised patience in waiting for the substance to run it’s course. The effects kick in. Many feel a more potent high from eating the cannabis than if they were to smoke it. The process of liver digestion is much more thorough than lung intake, and your body will, therefore, absorb more properties from the cannabis. At best, you may feel very cozy and content, or experience a heightened libido and increased sensuality.

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Rule 4 – There is a time and a place for edibles

Especially if it’s youre first time, try not to drink alcohol while on edibles. Booz can magnify the effects of THC, potentially making the user too high. I also would not recommend driving, working or operating machinery after you take them-since they can intoxicate you. Instead, it may be wise to reserve an entire day set aside for them. Like Maybe…the weekend, or on a day you can just sit back and relax. These conditions are optimal because you can feel the affects an edible 6 to 8 hours after ingesting it. So be ready for a long day of fun. Taking an edible before you go to bed is also an option since the affects can combat insomnia for many people.

So I hoped you learned a thing or two from our guide. Remember, when trying any new substance, do you’re research. Find out the ideal dose for you, educate yourself on what you can expect to feel and know when the best time is to consume them. With all that being said, I wish all of you the best of trips. Follow these rules and I can guarantee you a safe and fun edible experience every time.

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