Computer Giant HP Joins the “Green Rush,” Partners With Marijuana Startup

The U.S. giant computer company HP Inc. has officially joined the “green rush” after partnering with the marijuana startup Flowhub.

HP, worth $35 billion, will be providing point-of-sale retail solutions, or registers, that come installed with software made for marijuana businesses, the UK Business Insider reported on Wednesday.

As usual, HP known for making laptops and printers will be manufacturing the hardware, and the Denver-based Flowhub will deal with the software side and sell the machines.

The software that comes with these new machines is to help licensed marijuana dispensaries track sales and inventory, create reports, and stay compliant with state regulatory agencies by sending reports to them automatically.

HP is considered to be one of the world’s leading providers of point-of-sale retail solutions, a $48 billion industry in 2016.

The growing marijuana industry is definitely opening a new stream of opportunities for HP.

Despite the U.S. government crackdown early this year on marijuana businesses, the trend to legalize cannabis is undeterred and continues to spread.