I’ll Be Stoned for Christmas – No More Holiday Stress This Year!

As the year gets colder and the madness of the Christmas holidays start, it seems like forever for the Black Friday until New Years Day stress to end. The exhaustion of running to and from grocery stores, seeing friends, cooking, cleaning and then having to entertain your family can be overbearing and a lot to handle. Wouldn’t you rather just sit and watch the Grinch while getting stoned for Christmas?

But there are ways to survive the holiday seasons without bringing a full bong to the dinner table. You must practice safety around children, safety in transportation and safety for your overall mental/physical health.

Travelling with marijuana.

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Be careful when travelling.

Government officials and enforcement recommend a strictly do not travel with any cannabis items. Getting questioned and possible loss of access to a country or state would be awful and it can happen. Products like capsules and tinctures make it easier to travel then carrying a bag of weed. Grab one of the Tylenol bottles and mix and match, or empty tinctures into hair product containers. Best advice is to go empty-handed and work on finding an alternative route for medicine once you arrive home. Travelling state to state, province to province, or country to country, there are different rules in place, make sure you know your rights and the law.

Smoking inside is the easiest option, but it isn’t an option when the family is around. Not sure grandma wants to get stoned at the dinner table. Perhaps go into the garage, a car or just dress warmly for a walk if you want to smoke. If you are licensed, make sure you have our card on you. Any MMJ card patient or producer is protected by the law. When smoking inside there are several helpful tools like smoke eliminator candles or scent bombs that help with the smell of cannabis.

Now times have changed.

You don’t need to smoke a joint or out of your old school bong. Vape pens have made it a lot easier for indoor smoking and make it easy to be inconspicuous. You can load your pen with flowers or concentrates and smoke when you want, where you want. Capsules have grown to become quite popular. Most people know how to take a pill so this is no different. They are small and come in different milligram sizes from 10mg to 200mg. Honey and Cherry Oils have become popular methods that are easy, but the syringe is a kind of obvious way to take your medication. Tinctures are the new wave of the cannabis community. High in THC or CBD, they work in liquid-form underneath your tongue or in food.

The 6 Most Popular Ways To Consume Cannabis

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Edibles are the new form of discrete eating while getting stoned. Your mom will never notice if you added some THC infused coconut oil to your food. Smells and looks the same but can be baked or cooked into your holiday meal. Miss Envy’s Coconut Oil is more popular due to its delicious flavour and low-cost. It is easy for use as an oil or butter replacement in baking or cooking. Google and YouTube are filled with options on how to make your own edibles and the Internet now makes it accessible to find any stoner recipe you may want. It is not only brownies anymore either. Try jelly bombs, cookies, bars, salads or a lollipop for your next high.

Enjoy this adult version of classic Christmas advent calendar filled with cannabis products.

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Check out the deals.

Lots of dispensaries, delivery services and head shops are running Black Friday Deals from USA and Canada. You can get 10% to 40% of strains and concentrate deals. Edibles are running up 10-20% off products. Some places are just doing 30% off full orders and free delivery. The advent calendars being sold by Coast to Coast Medicinals are selling like hot cakes for all age groups over 19+. It is a great stocking stuffer and a cool new way to try edibles in different forms. This weekend is a good time to get your medicine and stock up the edibles for Christmas. Delivery services now make it easy to get your weed dropped off to you within an hour even on Christmas Day.

Get Stoned with the Family.

Don’t forget to try to make it a family thing. Don’t go smoke with your little sister but perhaps your parents have been interested or maybe even Grandma. Suggest board games and remind them alcohol is bad for their health so no harm in trying something that won’t kill you. It can be a great way to connect, get creative and munch down during the holiday season.

With all these new options available this season, getting your stoner face on doesn’t seem too difficult. Make sure to be well-educated on legislation and legalization based on where you are going, read up on Black Friday and Christmas Kush Deals and save your money while you can.

Happy Thanksgiving!