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Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries In Edmonton Charged

Illegal Marijuana Dispensaries In Edmonton Charged

Latoya Jackman
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Three illegal marijuana dispensaries in Edmonton have been charged with trafficking after police raids.

On February 2, Edmonton law officials completed searches in one residence and two commercial businesses. The conclusion found many people in the city of Edmonton facing drug trafficking charges. All three addresses, which were operating as suppliers, were closed by the police.

The first establishment near 109th Avenue and 156th Street was housing approximately $50,000 worth of marijuana seeds, marijuana oil, shatter, edibles similar to cookies, candies, and even dog treats. The residence which was located near 108th Avenue and 157th Street had an estimated amount of $78,000 worth of marijuana, shatter, candies and edibles including chocolate fondue.

In addition, law officials confiscated $24,000 worth of marijuana, edibles, shatter, oil and candies at the third establishment, a commercial business located near 107th Street and Whyte Avenue.

In December, the Edmonton Police Service raided another marijuana-related business near 78th Avenue and 109th Street and discovered approximately $100,000 worth of marijuana-related substances. Four individuals were charged with drug trafficking in connection with that case, and a warrant has been issued for a 32-year-old man.

Trafficking charges have been laid against the five individuals associated with the marijuana discovered at these locations and the substances have been confiscated on the grounds that they are illegal suppliers.

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Canada is scheduled to legalize marijuana for recreational use later this year and more than 250 licenses are to be issued within the territory by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

Any person interested in supplying marijuana or marijuana based items is advised to await the legalization, or prepare for investigations.

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