Illinois Cannabis Legalization: Revolution Global COO Dustin Shroyer

Illinois will officially become the 11th US state to legalize adult-use cannabis on January 1, 2020. Revolution Global is eager to participate in what is sure to be a very lucrative market. The company has already seen immense multi-state success in the medical cannabis marketplace.

Revolution already boasts the operation of a 75,000 square foot cannabis cultivation center (the state’s largest) in Delavan, Illinois. By June of 2020, the company will complete a second growing facility of the same size. The 80-acre Delavan property will soon see the addition of a processing center and 500,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Put simply, Revolution is ready to do whatever it takes to meet demand from a lot of very excited Illinoisans.

“We’re excited,” Revolution COO, Dustin Shroyer exclaims in a phone call with Puff Puff Post. “It’s going to be good for consumers. It gives people one of their liberties back that they’ve been long waiting for. It’s good for society as a whole.

“It’s going to take the industry some time to catch up. We’re building as fast as we can to meet the demand that is going to come overnight. We’re excited to be ramping it up over the next 24 months to really deliver this service to market.”

Revolution Global COO Dustin Shroyer
Revolution Global COO, Dustin Shroyer

Illinois Cannabis Legalization and Regulations

According to some analysts, the overnight demand for adult-use cannabis in Illinois could be worth over $2 billion. The state will also be imposing some very strict regulations – similar to the Canadian cannabis market. Already established in the medicinal market, Revolution Global brings with them the experience to meet regulatory hurdles and demand head-on.

“What we had to do to get a license in the first place was craft a very comprehensive operational plan that proved that we can execute and produce clean safe cannabis and cannabis products for people from day one,” notes Shroyer. “That was the largest hurdle to overcome. Then we had to build compliant facilities…so that’s hurdle two.

“Those facilities have numerous security measures and – with the way we’ve chosen to craft our operating plan – numerous highly controlled, small batch, craft growing rooms. We want to be one of the first real craft operators that gets to scale so we can service the market with a very high quality and consistent product.”

Revolution Global cultivation facility in Delavan Illinois
Revolution Global’s Cannabis Cultivation Center in Delavan, Illinois

Beating the Illicit Market

Dustin Shroyer is quick to point out that the Revolution Global team welcomes the regulations, and their importance in the consumer experience. This is increasingly true, especially when competing against a still-prevalent black market.

“We invite smart regulations, because we think they’re good for consumer protection. It’s a very new market, and we need to make sure that everybody’s operating on an even playing field. It ensures that consumers have the best possible products across the board from us and our competitors.

“What we’ve seen recently is just more contaminants being applied to plants as more people try to come in and grow on the black market. What that’s led to is a real epidemic. [Buying legal product] may be a little bit more expensive because of all the additional regulations and steps you have to go through to really create a product that’s super clean that you can trust. It’s well worth a few extra dollars to know that the cannabis you have has undergone weekly third party testing. [Consumers] know the product has been grown and cultivated by an operator that has submitted an operating plan. It’s regulated to make sure we’re really maintaining this very high level of production.”

Consumer Confidence and Social Impact

High quality product and consumer confidence is an imperative for Shroyer and the Revolution team. What remains equally important  is ensuring positive social impact within the state of Illinois.

Revolution Craft Small Batch Premium Extract
Revolution Craft Small Batch Premium Extract

The growth of the legal cannabis market has brought myriad benefits and safeguards to consumers, but business ownership and representation by minority groups and people of colour has been remarkably disproportionate. To help combat this issue Revolution Global mentors black entrepreneurs in the process of applying for cannabis licenses. The company is a vocal advocate for policies and practices that enable and encourage people of color to own, lead, and grow cannabis businesses.

When Illinois officially becomes the 11th state to offer legal adult-use cannabis tomorrow, Revolution Global will proudly be championing a marketplace which offers transparency, quality and equality.

“This plant that we believe so passionately about, it was very unfortunate that it was ever illegal in the first place,” says Shroyer. “People are going to finally get the liberty to make their own decisions when it comes to it as free citizens of this country. We’re excited for what that means for a lot of things. Everything from criminal justice reform to economic stimulation to newer emerging companies and job opportunities for people. The enhancement of communities that have lost jobs to disruptions industry, and are now getting invited to take on new opportunities in a new market.

“We think that it’s a very cool phase of history. We’re very proud to be pioneering it, and to be inspiring other companies to really create trustworthy transparent products. To just be good stewards of this plant and this culture that stands for peace, and love, and equality. It’s just a very special time in history.”