Draft Bill Pushes Holland to Experiment With Regulated Marijuana in 2019

Health warnings will be included in Holland’s regulated cannabis experiment, scheduled to take place in late 2019 if approved.

While Holland has long been famous as a marijuana hub for tourists, the green herb was never officially legalized or regulated.

With the trend sweeping all over North America to legalize marijuana, the Dutch government is considering to experiment with legalizing marijuana by the end of 2019, Volkskrant reported.

So far, Volkskrant reported that a draft law has recently been passed, paving the way for a regulated marijuana program in six to ten municipalities for five years and two months.

But with regulation, comes warnings.  It is expected that any coffee shop dispensing legal marijuana will be compelled to tell their clients about the so-called dangers.

In the proposal, growers will be required to go through a public tender process for their contracts and will have to fulfill strict conditions.

The draft bill requires the lower and upper houses of parliament to consent for full passage.