In Review: Andrew Yang, Cannabis Discounts for Veterans, ND Supplies, and SannTek Labs

Why is This Presidential Candidate Advertising with Marijuana Merchandise?

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2020 candidate Andrew Yang announced on Saturday that his campaign for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination is “rolling” out a line of marijuana-themed merch.

Yang, who has never previously held a position in public office, has been open about his support towards legalizing cannabis during his campaign run. In April he said he would excuse all non-violent drug offenders on 4/20, the same day as “Mary Jane’s Birthday.”

The candidate e-blasted a fundraising email to his readers last Friday promising, “On my first day as President, I will pardon every person imprisoned for a low-level, non-violent marijuana offence and I would high five them on their way out of jail.”

The Democratic candidate’s popularity with younger voters is growing on Twitter by appealing to the youth through creative methods such as autographing a bong at a campaign event in Oregon last month.

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U.S. Military Veterans Discounted Up To 50% off Cannabis

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The California-based cannabis company Flower Co. has reported that it will now offer U.S. Military veterans discounted memberships through The membership, usually priced at $119 per year, provides access to the company’s library of cannabis products at 30 to 50 percent lower versus traditional dispensaries.

The weed delivery company’s goal is to provide high-quality cannabis to those who need it with their subscription-based model that gives members access to lower pricing

“We built Flower Co. on the premise that every person deserves safe, fair and affordable access to cannabis,” said Ted Lichtenberger, co-founder and CEO of Flower Co. “Our military veterans, who risk their lives for our country, are no exception to this, which is why we are offering them a complimentary membership to our services.”

Flower Co. partnered with the Veterans Cannabis Group on this act of kindness, seeking to support the organization’s mission to take the lead in using medicinal cannabis to treat PTSD and other symptoms among U.S. Military veterans.

Numerous studies have shown that Cannabis and CBD consumption can help individuals with treatment for pain, anxiety and PTSD. This also provides a safer alternative than taking pills, as some veterans are being prescribed from their doctors – many of which have strong side effects and high addictive potential.

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ND Supplies Inc. Makes Impact on Cannabis Community, Not the Environment

Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable packaging is here, available at ND Supplies. (CNW Group/ND Supplies Inc.)

Since the legalization of cannabis, sales have skyrocketed due to the accessibility via in-store and online purchases. However, this has Resulted in large quantities of plastic shipped with each product due to labelling and packaging regulations codes. Although receiving a THC or CBD item can be satisfying, it can be disheartening to acknowledge the excess waste being accumulated.

In light of this, ND Supplies Inc. announced earlier this week that they will be making an impact in both the cannabis community and environment by introducing environmental friendly packaging. Victor Tiongco, Marketing and E-Commerce Manager at ND Supplies believes that many licensed producers have been looking for solution to the problem of waste accumulation.

“We are a packaging company and are constantly looking for innovative products to lower the impact on the environment due to waste,” said Tiongco.  “From talking to attendees at cannabis conferences over the past year, many licensed producers are looking for a more environmentally friendly solution.”

As a result of the partnership with Calyx Containers, the Canadian market can receive sustainable packaging, both recyclable and reusable. Calyx’s packaging allows allows for  faster degradation than regular plastic products if thrown in the trash, thanks to an organic compound. ND Supplies looks to play a leading role in reducing harm to the environment.

The patented containers from Calyx are made with FDD food-grade plastic material and is the industry’s first truly child-resistant, air-tight, resealable, and UV resistant packaging line.

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Canadian StartUp Develops Cannabis Breathalyzer

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Canadian startup SannTek Labs is making tech-heads turn and Cannabis jaws drop with the development of a new weed breathalyzer. The Kitchener-based company has received investments from Y-Combinator, and are currently in talks with the National Highway Transportation Safety Association for approval of sales.

The purpose of the technology is to be used by law enforcement in “correctly determining” THC levels and potential impairment before arresting drivers. SannTek Labs claims that because a “driver’s blood plasma THC level would have fallen 80% to 90% in the first hour after ingestion,” an instant estimation is needed to accurately arrest a traffic violator.

However, since cannabis-detecting tech doesn’t measure the exact amount of cannabis consumed, this could result in miscalculations, according to attorney Cristina Buccola, whose law firm focuses on the cannabis industry.

“Even if they could measure blood levels, there still would be problems determining where impairment sets in,” she said. Instead, what police officers using weed breathalyzers attempt to do is measure intoxication, as in concluding impairment by “guesstimating” the presence of THC.

The young startup is on the track of building a device that could assist police in cannabis-related arrests, but they also do have competition. California-based tech company Hound Labs has its THC-detecting device already on the market. Canadian company, Cannabix Technologies, has been creating a similar product for the past few years too.

Regardless of which company delivers the life-saving product, with the legalization in Canada and now in more States, this type of technology is in “high” demand for police forces.

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