Indicas: Top 5 of 2017 – The Best Weed Strains Right Now

Top Indicas of 2017

Not all are a custom to the heavy and sedative feeling of an Indica, but not all are made for sleep or heavy cannabis smokers. Some benefit from targetting pain, nausea and seizures due to the high THC potency. Although Indicas give you a body high there are some that will stimulate you to get you through your day. These types of Indica strain are considered daytime Indicas. These strains are also high in CBD.

God Kush – God Bud x OG Kush

God Kush is a small stocky Indica plant with beautiful purple flowers.

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A purple Indica with frosted flowers and covered in silver trichomes. The smell has a strong sweet musky scent with a peppery terpene undertone. The strong and thick smell of Kush gives it a strong and long-lasting high. It is known for its ability to relieve stress and any feelings of depression. If you have a bad headache, it can fix that too. Its high THC content gives it the ability to heal pain.

It is widely used for managing sleep and targeting insomnia.  Overall, it’s a pungent Indica with a heavy smoke. It has quality reviews from patients on its ability to help fight IBS and enhancing one’s appetite.

*Licensed Producer: Broken Coast – Winner the Cannabis Award 2016 – Top Indica**

CONTENT: THC 18%-22%, CBD 0.01%-0.05%

Nuken – Kish x God Bud

Nuken blooms with rounded, dense buds covered in a blanket of crystal resin veiling its sage hues.

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An orange-based Indica with some purple undertones. The smell is sweet with an earthy aroma. It may not be one of the strongest Indicas but it is perfect for a daytime smoke with all the benefits of smoking an Indica. Its beautiful dense and round buds are surrounded by fresh herb crystals to leave you feeling energetic and creative.

Most commonly used for patients who suffer from back pain, headaches or spasms. It is highly recommended for those who deal with migraines on a regular basis. This flower will leave you happy, relaxed and pain-free.

**Ontario Dispensary: CannDo – Winner of the Cannabis Award 2016 – Top Indica**

CONTENT: THC 18%-22%, CBD 0.05%-0.06%

Black Tuna – Herijuana x Lambs Bread

Black Tuna is one of the more popular Indica in the Ontario area.

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A dark budded green and purple Indica with features of little orange hairs. The smell is potent with pungent skunk smell. It is high THC levels gives some a narcotic effect but the Lamb’s Bread cross keeps it creative and playful.

Known for its strong flavour and density, it is one of the more popular strains in Ontario. Black Tuna has relaxed and happy effects while targetting any sort of pain, stress or depression.

**British Columbia Original – Made by 5 Star Organic**

CONTENT: THC 14%-22%, CBD unknown

Blackberry Kush –  Afghani x Blackberry

Top Indicas Around the World
Afghani and Blackberry mixed Indica strain with beautiful dark purple buds with orange hairs

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Blackberry Kush is a gorgeous purple bud with orangey-red hairs. The dense buds are covered in vivid crystals and laced with deep black and purple hues. It has a strong fuel based Kush smell that gives you a heavy high with a sweet flavouring to compliment.

Considered to be a “creeper” in the cannabis world meaning when smoking too much it will creep up and sleeping will come. It comes highly recommended for sleep and pain due to its heavy THC content. Happy and relaxed effects help to relieve stress and works hand in hand with CBD to combat inflammation and pain.

**British Columbia Dispensary: Urban Earth Med – Winner of Cannabis Award 2016 – Top Indica**

CONTENT: THC 18%-22%, CBD 0.02%-0.4%

Kosher Kush – OG Kush x Unknown

Kosher Kush is famous for its enticing flavour and high potency ingredients.

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Kosher Kush is very popular in the cannabis community. It has a green and orange flower base with hints of purple hues to compliment. It carries earthy and fruity smells with a complimented flavour and the strong aroma allows smokers to relieve stress and relax.

Kosher Kush has a long-lasting high allowing patients to treat sleep and chronic pain. Feelings of relaxation help chronic pain patients with muscle relief and restlessness.

**Commercial Strain: Green Wolf LA – Winner of Cannabis Cup 2015 – Top Strain**

CONTENT: THC 18%-29%, CBD:0.03%-0.08%

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