Is The OCS Erasing Black Market Cannabis?

Is The OCS Erasing Black Market Cannabis?

The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation, better known as OCS (“Ontario
Cannabis Store”), is currently  the only legal recreational cannabis retailer in the Ontario
area at this time.  Is The Ontario Cannabis Store Ending Black Market Sales?
Founded just last year, supporters say that the Ontario Cannabis Store has
already made an extremely positive impact on the community. By being a

Ontario Cannabis Store
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legal retailer, the Ontario Cannabis Store is now a second, safe option for
people who previously purchased cannabis on the black market.
The black market sale of cannabis was a very real issue for some Canadians. On October 17th, the Ontario Cannabis Store began offering a legal way for those of age to purchase cannabis in the area in hopes of combatting the black market. While it’s no secret the service launched to mixed reviews, the OCS maintain that they are the most sensible option for citizens of Ontario to purchase cannabis. Let us dive deeper to answer the valid question – “is The OCS Erasing Black Market Cannabis?”

Previously, those without a medical cannabis license were not legally allowed
to purchase cannabis for any purpose. Now, the Ontario Cannabis Store
opens the door to new users and to users who previously bought from the
black market.  This is an important milestone. Not only is illegally purchasing cannabis a dilemma for some, if implemented to the fullest extent of the law, could land a user in jail. Many have claimed that black market cannabis a risky decision that could land a user in jail, but it could also pose health hazards. Many distributors in black market cannabis have difficulty finding reliable sources to test for purity standards.

Ontario cannabis

Safe Consumption

For cannabis consumers, knowing what’s in the product they’re buying is
important. The OCS is also very much into promoting factual information
about cannabis and its effects, along with potential benefits of its use.

ontario cannabis weed
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In addition to the above, the OCS tests every product it sells and tracks its
origin, which allows customers to make an informed purchase decision. The
team at the Ontario Cannabis Store claim their staff is highly educated and able to offer
customers extensive information on their products. It’s also contributing to the economy and further cannabis research because the OCS only works with licensed producers approved by Health Canada. This not only means more money for industry research and growth, but also more money for Canada’s markets as a whole.

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Community Benefits

Legal purchase is also important for the community. The Ontario Cannabis Store has goals aimed at shutting down black market sales of cannabis in Ontario, it also wishes to function as a community educator. With multiple efforts to inform the community on cannabis-related issues and research, OSC hopes to make a truly positive impact for everyone.
Plus, with an established legal process for the purchase of cannabis through OCS, the community can now also benefit through taxation. With estimations that the Canadian cannabis market is worth over CA$4.9 billion, there is a lot of room for municipal profit.  Is The OCS Erasing Black Market Cannabis? Perhaps we should wait to observe the entire rollout of the store.  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.  We just have to wait and see.

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