Israel Follows Canada’s Steps in Approving Vaporizers for Medical Use

Israel’s Health Ministry has recently given an approval to a local company producing marijuana vaporizers, a local media source said the step makes Israel “the first country in the world to certify such a device for medical purposes.”

The Jerusalem Post reported that the Tel Aviv-based Kanabo Research, a medical-cannabis R&D firm, has announced on Tuesday that the Israeli ministry certified the company’s VapePod vaporizer for the use of medical cannabis extracts and formulations.

With an inconclusive headline of “Israel May Be First Country to Approve Marijuana Vaporizers for Medical Use,” the daily is weaving high hopes in placing Israel ahead of Canada in permitting such use.

In May last year, Health Canada already approved vaporizers by the Vancouver-based company, Namaste Technologies Inc. as medical devices. Also, since late 2015, medical marijuana users in Ontario were able to use vaporizers just about anywhere in the province., a Vancouver-based website, working in connection with the Greenleaf Medical Clinic to provide Canadian patients across into the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) program, promotes the use of vaporizers.

“With vaporization, you are simply heating up the substance until it releases the natural oils. It doesn’t have any negative effect on your lungs, as opposed to when people smoke,” it said on its website.