WATCH: Israeli activist drinks high THC oil at Knesset to prove a point

An Israeli activist consumed high THC oil at the Knesset recently to prove a point: No one dies out of a marijuana overdose.

“I have cannabis medical oil that contains 30% THC,” the man said: “You say it’s a dangerous drug, what will happen to me if I consume it?”

Soon after, the man drinks all of the oil, shouting:

“You can’t overdose on medical cannabis oil.”

The activist’s raucous behavior to show opposition to a new Israeli medical cannabis policy, which will allegedly increase the cost of medical cannabis for patients as well as cancel the accepted labeling of various medical cannabis strains by name, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The daily said the names are necessary since they provide people who need medical marijuana with information on the plants they are using.

Father of a sick daughter

The Jerusalem Post said the man is a father to a sick daughter who needs medical cannabis. He also threatened that he will create his own marijuana lab at home to provide for his daughter with the required care if the new policy makes it impossible for her to get medical cannabis.

Alongside the man was a woman, who was also removed from Knesset session. The women told the parliament members about her epileptic nine-year-old son, who is only able to read and speak in full sentences when using medical cannabis.

She burst into tears and asked that the strain he needs for his cannabis oil not be made illegal.

Meanwhile, CEO of the Minister of Health Moshe Bar Siman Tov said that “cannabis does not heal” and warned against damage that might be caused by long-term usage.