Israeli Company Partners Up With U.S. Firm to Establish Cannabis Farm in Europe

The Israeli Cannabis Device Developer Kanabo said on Wednesday it is partnering with the San Francisco-based marijuana extract manufacturer Constance Therapeutics to establish a new farm for the green herb in Europe.

Part of their signed agreement, the two will launch a cannabis cultivation farm and a manufacturing center within the European Union, Calcalist Tech reported on Thursday, without mentioning exact location of the farm.

The farm will be focused on extracting marijuana’s psychoactive compound known as THC, and the other soothing natural ingredient found in cannabis, CBD, for medical treatments of PTSD, chronic pain, and insomnia.

While the Israeli cabinet has agreed in principle to legalize the export of marijuana, bureaucracy and politics are derailing the process to finally make it official.

Founded in 2017, Kanabo’s co-founder and CEO of Kanabo Avihu Tamir said establishing a farm in the EU is important in light of “the delays in medical cannabis export approvals in Israel.”

Marketing Kanabo’s Devices in the U.S.

Part of the agreement, Constance Therapeutics will market Kanabo’s devices to the U.S. market.

Kanabo developed VapePod, a vaporizer that allows users to consume precise doses of marijuana extracts, which was the first such device to be certified as a medical device by the Israeli Health Ministry, Calcalist Tech reported.

Kanabo announced in March that it began trials to test marijuana extract formulas to treat sleep disorders and PTSD.