21 Israeli Pharmacies to Start Selling Medical Marijuana on April 20

Twenty-one Israeli pharmacies will start selling medical marijuana for the first time on April 20, the special day when stoners worldwide celebrate their love of cannabis.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday that 21 Super-Pharm chain’s pharmacies to begin selling medical cannabis oil in cities throughout the country, with the exception of Tel Aviv and Eilat.

The pharmacies will sell marijuana oil from two Israeli suppliers, Panaxia and Rafa, the Jerusalem Post added.

Israel’s Cannabis magazine said the reason why Super-Pharm, which has its chain spread in Poland and China, will be taking such step coinciding with the pot holiday because owners of the firm, the Koffler family, is linked financially with the global pot industry.

The news comes as the Israeli cabinet is inching closer to officially approve medical marijuana exports after an earlier agreement between the country’s ministers to secure the growing industry.

So far, Israeli patients pay $105 per month for an unlimited amount of dry cannabis, according to Oren Lebovitch, chairman of Israel’s pro-legalization party Ale Yarok (Green Leaf).

The medical cannabis oil will be sold with a concentration level of 20-30% in THC – the psychoactive component in cannabis.

Meanwhile, the black market offers Israelis a gram of dry cannabis bud, which will be about $25-28, with a THC concentration of between 12-20%, according to Lebovitch. The Jerusalem Post says this makes Israel the fifth most expensive country to buy cannabis on the black market.

There are so far 33,000 Israeli medical cannabis patients, using an average of 34 grams of the dry substance a month.