Pharmacies in Israel to Start Selling Medical Marijuana Products

Twenty pharmacies in Israel will start selling medical marijuana prescription products on April 20.

This breakthrough move is part of a pilot program for the regulation of medical marijuana sales in Israel, Calcalist Tech reported on Monday.

Israeli Ministry of Health said 900 cannabis entrepreneurs have already filed for permits to grow and process cannabis since a 2016 reform was first put in motion.

Implementing this new reform will allow Israeli doctors to prescribe cannabis-based medications, which will be sold at these select pharmacies.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (R)from the Jewish Home party visits a cannabis farm

Previously, medical marijuana patients in Israel had to obtain a prescription, which required a doctor’s recommendation and an approval from a special committee.

Calcalist Tech said Israel aims to regulate cannabis pharmaceuticals in the same strict fashion governing the pharmaceutical industry. “If successful, Israel could be the first country to standardize cannabis medical products,” it said.

The news comes after the Israeli government made a U-turn decision to stop exporting marijuana in February, angering farmers and producers of the green herb.