#IStandWithAlexis Goes Viral! U.S. Epileptic Girl Presses For Medical Pot

A young U.S. girl is using social media to push for a federal legalization of medical marijuana.

Alexis Bortell, who is only 12, uses medical cannabis to relieve her epileptic seizures. After having her lawsuit tossed out the window by a federal judge in late February, the young girl is continuing to press for a nationwide legalization of medical pot in the United States.

In her latest social media activism, Bortell is garnering support. Backers are now unleashing the viral hashtag: #IStandWithAlexis.

On Twitter, users started including the hashtag #IStandWithAlexis even with most unrelated subjects such as soccer, just to show their solidarity.

In her recent tweet, she urged marijuana advocates to “help” her.

“I’m not asking the government to give us prescription cannabis pills and drugs. We can take care of ourselves or pick our own caregiver,” she wrote. “I’m asking the government to let us live our lives like everyone else. Freedom. I’m trying to tell the world. Pls Help Me!”

On Facebook, Bortell has more than 30 thousand followers.

In a similar message to the one she wrote on Twitter, David Kurfman from Illinois wrote: “Epilepsy patient here and #IStandWithAlexis.”

Bortell is living in New York after her family left Texas.

In late 2017, Bortell was known as the 12-year-old, who is suing U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not allowing her family gain access to her cannabis-based medication on a federal level.

In February, Federal Judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein, dismissed her lawsuit which petitioned the court in Manhattan, New York to legalize marijuana under federal law.