Jeff Sessions Crack Down On Legal Weed: Medical Marijuana May Be At Risk

Attorney General Jeff Sessions hinted at what he wants to do: Launch a federal war on states that have partly or completely legalized marijuana use.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions who has known for his outrageous points of views is getting major backlash this week. ABC released video footage obtained this through a Freedom of Information Act. In recent news, he has shown a policy that allows police to take case/property from people suspected of crimes. Additionally, he is against the policy to legalize weed and on a rampage to reverse any decision already made.

As a matter of fact, in a question and answer session, this past summer, interns asked Jeff Sessions on his position. Topics included: police violence, LGBTQ rights, and marijuana access.

“You support pretty harsh policies for marijuana and pretty lax gun control laws. I’m not even sure where you stand on the assault weapons ban,” one intern asked. “So I’d like to know since guns kill more people than marijuana, why lax laws on one versus the other?”

“That’s an apples-and-oranges question, I would say first and foremost,” Sessions said with a laugh. “But the Second Amendment — you’re aware of that? — guarantees the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and I intend to defend that Second Amendment.”Nevertheless, Jeff Sessions comment came to no surprise. First of all, it was childish. Even more when the gun violence in America seems to be of high priority.

Question and Answers

Jeff Sessions in a question and answer session
A question-and-answer session between Sessions and Justice Department interns this past summer, the interns asked the AG about his positions on marijuana access, police violence, and LGTBQ rights.

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After wasting more time on the Second Amendment, he went on, “Marijuana is not a healthy substance, in my opinion. The American Medical Association is crystal-clear on that. Do you believe that?”. Consequently, this student went on to disagree with the point resulting in an attitude-filled response from Sessions himself.

“OK, Dr. Whatever-your-name-is, so you can write the AMA and see why they think otherwise.”

All things considered, Sessions’ has all the answers to the question from interns. None of which were actually beneficial to anyone but himself. One intern raised questions about the police reform and better policing practice.

The student told Sessions, “I grew up in the projects to a single mother, and the people that we are afraid of are not necessarily our neighbours, but the police.”

“That may be the view in Berkeley,” Sessions retorted, “but that’s not the view in most places — ”

To clarify, Sessions has only a small idea of the project and the struggle of these neighbourhoods. Above all, police violence has been known for its discrimination, forcefulness and lack of protection.

Staying Hopeful

Jeff Sessions in disagreement for medical marijuana
Steve Herin, Master Grower at Incredibles, works on repotting marijuana plants in the grow facility on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, in Denver, Colorado

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On the other hand, Sessions’ did make claims to protect the LGBTQ groups and to protect the civil rights of everyone. Sessions went on to add that it will be up to local governments on what bathroom policies should be. The Justice Department will be committed to defending Americans’ civil rights and will prosecute police officers who violate them.

Also, for the future of legalization, Attorney General doesn’t seem to have must respect in terms of what he says. Therefore, this may be valuable to the cannabis for the future of proper policy. For now, education is key in moving forward on policy changes.