Joints for Homeless Promotes a New Grassroots Campaign

The grassroots campaign encourages persons of the cannabis community to help the homeless with more than just food.

Joints for Homeless was founded in 2015 by Shane Pettas also known as Boppin. A Hawaii resident who was taught from a young age the joy of giving back to the community.

Boppin says that while living in Hawaii, he realized that the homeless people he was helping might appreciate a little pot as well.

Not long after creating Joint for Homeless, Boppin came across an Instagram video by Damien Menendez, that featured Menendez sharing weed with homeless people in Miami.

The video pushed Boppin to create a Joints for Homeless Instagram page.

“I enjoy giving back to the homeless. I’m not doing it for the followers or anything like that. Giving back makes my soul feel good.”
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Above and beyond

Man holding up sign for joints for the homeless
Joints for the homeless continues to give to those less fortunate (image via Daily Mail)

Menendez is now the spokesman for Joint for Homeless. He says that the group is not about hierarchical leadership, but is focused on individual action.

“If you want to be a part of Joints for Homeless, all you really need to do is just go out there and help the homeless in any way you can.”

He explains that people from all around the world have taken up the mantle… Posting videos with the hashtag #JointsForHomeless daily.

“It’s a nice thing seeing people going out of their way to help somebody.”
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He estimates that more than 300,000 joints have been given to homeless people around the world in the past three years.

Menendez says that he even assists homeless people to find employment and a safe place in a shelter.

“You can go out of your way sometimes, like me, if you want to.”

Currently, in the state of Florida, recreational marijuana is illegal, so giving away pot is against the law. However, Menendez has made it clear that he is not worried about being arrested

He says that Joints for Homeless focuses on one thing.

“You’re a human being, that’s all we care about. You’re a human being and we just want to make sure you can eat a little bit, wash up a little bit, maybe take a hit or two. Have a chance to lay down and maybe figure out a way out of this situation.”

He suggests that people offer more than pot to the homeless but create “blessing bags” which would be all around helpful.

“Take a one-gallon Ziploc, and you stick a personal care product in there, some deodorant, a little personal shaving kit, some wet wipes, some socks and throw in a couple of joints, a bag lunch. Let someone smoke a joint, eat a lunch, clean themselves up before bed.”