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Canadian PM Has Cannabis Strain ‘Justin True-dope’ Named After Him

Canadian PM Has Cannabis Strain ‘Justin True-dope’ Named After Him

Dina Al-Shibeeb
Canada’s premier Justin Trudeau has a cannabis strain ‘Justin True-dope’ named after him. (File image via Reuters)

Canada’s 46-year-old premier, who had the legalization of marijuana as part of his election platform, was informed on Wednesday that he had a cannabis strain, Justin True-dope, named after him.

The Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau learned about the new honorary name during a town hall meeting in Winnipeg on Wednesday,  Global News reported. There, Trudeau met Steven Stairs, a marijuana advocate.  

Since the start of 2018, Trudeau began a town hall meeting across Canada.

But before Stairs disclosing the strain info, the marijuana advocate asked a very serious question; a query many still have in mind.

“Would you give pardons for people convicted of trafficking cannabis?” he asked, adding “Small-time drug dealers,” before making his major announcement.

“My second point is, recently a strain, that’s a type of marijuana for you people out there, that’s named after you. It’s called Justin True-dope.”

This instantly led to a round of laughter and Trudeau flashed a smile.

tru - Canadian PM Has Cannabis Strain ‘Justin True-dope’ Named After Him
Trudeau speaks to Canadians during his town hall tour on Tuesday. He said marijuana is “problematic” to teens, who are developing. (Image via Canadian Press)

But it was back to serious mode again.

Trudeau replied saying “we are moving forth with the legalization of marijuana from a public safety and public health perspective, not from a profit-making perspective.”

He added: “The system we have right now is broken.”

Trudeau explained that the federal government, in essence, is legalizing marijuana to weed out the “criminal elements.”

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“Yes. I have said we will look after the law has changed at pardons for people who have been convicted of possession,” he said.

“But we are not at this time thinking about pardons for people who have been convicted of trafficking or pushing or dealing.”

This summer, Canada will be the first developed nation ever to legalize marijuana and the second after Uruguay.

This is also not the first time that Trudeau had answered a question about the legalization of marijuana. In a previous town hall meeting, he described cannabis as “problematic” to the developing mind.

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