Kathleen Wynne the Worst Drug Dealer in History?

One of the most practical arguments for legalizing weed is revenue. It turns out a lot of people smoke weed, and if taxed that translates into a lot of revenue. Many people are willing to pay a premium for the appearance of legitimacy, the consistency of their product and convenience. As a result, black market drug dealers simply can’t compete. Case and point… Remember your last visit to the alcohol dealer? Didn’t think so.However, with the legalization of weed in the great White North Premier Kathleen Wynne apparently had a brilliant…  Far superior to making vast amounts of money through tax revenue… Lose money selling drugs! Her cabinet was one that was littered with scandals, overspending, and general unpopularity; So to many Ontarians, this may come as no surprise that I have pronounced Kathleen Wynne the worst drug dealer in history.How did the Wynne government manage to take one of the most popular and lucrative industries… And plan to turn a loss on it?

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Why is Katleen Wynne the Worst Drug Dealer in History? Scrap it and Start Again

Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford At the Debate
Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford had very different ideas for what legalization in Ontario should look like (image via The Canadian Press)

Within Ontario, a number of cannabis dispensaries have set up shop and begun to sell their product as if legalization had already occurred. This lucrative ‘grey market’ (not entirely not entirely legal or illegal) could have served as a basic framework for a prosperous cannabis industry in Ontario. But The Ontario Liberals had other plans.Besides the frequent raids on these businesses… Which do nothing but stifle a formative, budding industry and lock up people who will be regarded as legitimate small business owners in a matter of months… The Wynne government decided it necessary to artificially impose their model of legalization on the province of Ontario.

An LCBO store front
The Wynne Government planned to set up LCBO style distribution for cannabis, and the endeavor was projected to turn a loss (image via Narcity)

Under the Provincial Liberals, weed would be a government-owned and controlled endeavor, with a full monopoly over cannabis sales in the province. The government would thus assume the burden of all facets of the industry which for all intents and purposes, are already in place. These would include everything from purchasing, distribution, retailing, training of new employees, administrative duties and many others. Essentially pursuing the LCBO model of distribution.This costly endeavor flies in the face of pragmatism. It is undoubtedly where a large chunk of the profits would have been devoured. But it far from the only issue with the proposed plan

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Where Can I Get My Weed?

London Police raid a dispensary
Under the Wynne Government’s plan, only 40 dispensaries would set up shop by 2018. The government has persisted in raiding the existing ‘grey market’ dispensaries that are currently flourishing (image via The London Free Press)

Its Friday night and all you want is to smoke a joint and take a load off. Not a problem!

Under the Wynne government plan, you simply have to go to one of the 40 cannabis dispensaries that will be set up by legalization in 2018! By 2020 that number will more than triple to 150 pot shops.

If the Provincial Liberals wanted to keep drug dealers in business this is a great start. In Toronto alone, there are around 80 dispensaries. The LCBO has around 660 sores across Ontario. This lack of supply combined with the fact that the Trudeau government permits each household to grow up to 4 plants, would have been a nightmare for law enforcement and a complete blunder for government pot sales.

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Conclusions on Kathleen Wynne the Worst Drug Dealer in History

Why burn a good thing to the ground simply because you didn’t create it? Her blunderous, wasteful plan to sell marijuana, cements Kathleen Wynne the worst drug dealer in history. Thankfully for Ontarians, a more sensible plan for weed legalization has been put in place and a much-needed cash injection into the economy is sure to follow.

By: Stefan Hosko
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