Kathy Ireland Marijuana Products to be Released in US

Kathy Ireland Marijuana Products to be Released in US

20 years ago, no one would’ve predicted that supermodel Kathy Ireland would someday be at the helm of a billion-dollar lifestyle brand. Well, now she is and she’s about to take the growing CBD industry by storm.

The case for Kathy Ireland marijuana products

Where some see the stigma, Ireland sees opportunity. She views Cannabidiol (CBD) as a natural way to help those in chronic pain, as well as to provide benefits like increased energy and more restful sleep. “It belongs in Walgreens,” she says, insisting it’s time for CBD to come out of the shadows.

With no health problems reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) from CBD users, CBD is considered safe for consumers to use. They issued the following statement on the compound.

“CBD has been found to be generally well-tolerated with a good safety profile,”

The organization also suggests that unlike THC or cannabis, there is no data linking CBD to harmful reactions or abuse. Now, with Kathy Ireland marijuana products and her support in the use of CBD, perhaps this will help pave the way for new users in the mainstream.Kathy Ireland states on her website,

“It is important for the world to know that industrial hemp,
without THC, has no psychoactive effects, just like eating a grape before it is fermented into wine.”

CBD has effectively been used in relieving pain, reducing stress, and improving overall wellness in individuals. This non-psychoactive substance can be extracted from both marijuana and hemp. However, there is a tremendous amount of controversy, as Ireland recalls,

“There were people telling me not to touch it. But I just loathe hypocrisy.”

Ireland believes in CBD and its ability to treat individuals suffering from pain. With 20 years of experience in health and wellness, and serving as a board member for a number of medical charities, among other roles, she feels she has a system of connections qualified to support a versatile, high-quality product.



The start of Kathy Ireland marijuana products and its partners

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(image via The New Gold Rush is the GREEN RUSH!)

Since 2015, the annual retail sales of Kathy Ireland Worldwide (kiWW) –– Kathy Ireland’s brand name –– was generating $2.5 billion. With that growth, she felt she didn’t need to extend the
brand. Unless, of course, there was a product that could “make our world better,” Ireland suggests.

And thus began kiWW’s partnership with Isodiol International and Level Brands — to produce and market CBD.

With Isodiol in charge of developing, and Level Brands taking care of marketing and branding, the three partners have collaborated on what they feel are the best consumer CBD products: Edibles from Chef Andre Carthen, personal care products for men from I’M1, and of course, a women’s product in Kathy Ireland’s health and wellness line.

image via kathy ireland Worldwide - Kathy Ireland Marijuana Products to be Released in US
Chef Chef Andre Carthen will be creating cannabis products in conjunction with Kathy Ireland (image via kathy ireland Worldwide)

The women’s line is expected to be very profitable, as the primary consumer demographic for CBD is women. In an interview between Meryl Streep and Jimmy Kimmel, Meryl discussed how effective her CBD foot rub was in soothing the pain after being on the red carpet in high heels. “It’s an amazing thing,” Meryl said.

Yet, even with CBD’s amazing multi-use capabilities, women fear being labeled a “stoner” if they walk into a marijuana dispensary. Kathy Ireland marijuana products hope to end that taboo thinking.

“If my name means anything at all, it’s really because we’ve built our brand on such a grassroots level and we’ve earned the trust of our customers,”



However, she understands that trust can be lost without warning, which is why she has diligently searched for the right partners to create a product of the highest quality.
As the chief brand strategist and chairman emeritus of Level Brands’, Ireland says,

“We continue to believe that the CBD industry will see enormous growth over the next decade on a global scale.”

When will we see Kathy Ireland marijuana products and where? Kathy Ireland marijuana products will be available for consumers starting this fall, online and in stores. Spokesperson of Isodiol, Christopher Hussey, wants to see CBD products in high traffic retail stores nationwide, in places like wellness centers, pharmacies, gyms, convenience stores, just to name a few. He believes CBD will overcome its mislabeled status, and become a universally known ingredient, common in many products.

As for Kathy Ireland marijuana products, the “propaganda”, as Ireland puts it, must end. This is more than a business to her; it’s about making a product that can help the masses many ways.

By: Joy Hughes