L.A.’s Cannabis Cafe Is Rebranding and Parting Ways with Lowell Herb Co.

Despite its diverse medicinal value, if not for recreation, marijuana has faced mixed reactions from both proponents and opponents. But this didn’t trend much before the highly criticized weed found root in the US neighbor to the north: Canada. It was a new dawn for marijuana enthusiasts who, at one occasion or another, could find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Some like Lowell Herb Co. (currently Cannabis Café) took this as an opportunity.

Just as one could feel an irresistible thirst for water during the hot summer, the craving for the cannabis experience wouldn’t spare any of the enthusiasts. In most cases, some of the marijuana pros would fly to Amsterdam to enjoy the craze. But for how long can you keep traveling abroad for recreation? Probably, not so often, considering the hefty expense involved. Thanks to the Lowell Herb Co. for setting up the first ever ‘Paradise’ for the proud stoners in the City of West Hollywood. This is not only helping to quench the insatiable marijuana thirst for the guests, but it is also an opportunity to earn.

What is Cannabis Cafe all about?

Not so long after the Canadian government legalized marijuana, the American marijuana users got a reprieve. This came after President Donald Trump signed the highly anticipated 2018 Farm Bill.

This bill watered down the previous bills and statutes that greatly engraved the marijuana business under stringent laws. The laws prohibited mass production, transport, and sale of the plant derivatives as well as the by-products. Isn’t that worth reckoning? Well, if you’re a marijuana diehard, you can feel the craze that comes with the new law. And this will now grant you the ultimate freedom to produce, utilize, and sell your golden plant without fear. But that isn’t enough! If you used to hide to smoke your forbidden weed, gone are the days. This time, you have the permission to perform the ritual alongside other like-minded stoners in broad daylight. So long as you’re over 21.

After a long wait, Lowell launched the very first cannabis lounge in La Brea Avenue, West Hollywood, CA. Even though this looked like a dream far-fetched to many cannabis lovers, it has taken quite a short time to have one of its kind: Lowell Café. This is not only a dream come true to many weed lovers, but also a landmark in the cannabis industry.

This historic café was closely linked to the California-based tycoon company, Lowell Herb Co, at its initial launch in October. However, it seems there are changes. The Lowell Café is is going through rebranding to “Original Cannabis Café” in an attempt to offer diverse services and run independently. By now, the café offers wide variety of cannabis products featuring over 100 cannabis strains for their guests.

What led to the name change?

According to the vice president of marketing and communication, Ami Gan, their guests preferred to refer to the Lowell café as the Cannabis Café. “Since we opened, our guests and employees have colloquially referred to the restaurant as the Cannabis Cafe, when talking about us to their friends and on social media,” he said in part of the statement. “We’re excited to make the name change officially as we focus on the community,” he said.

In light of the name change of the formerly known Lowell, the announcement read that the café “…is evolving from being associated with a corporate entity into a true home for the entire cannabis community and industry. The café is paving the way as the only restaurant in America where guests can openly consume cannabis and is a welcoming environment for people from all walks of life.”

The pretty idea of changing the name to Cannabis Café is a brainchild of David Elias and Sean Black. They’re also the co-founders of the leading Los Angeles cannabis brand: Lowell Herb Co. Not to mention, the Black and Elias Lowell Farms supply the various cannabis products used in this café.

While our primary focus remains on the premium brands of cannabis sold by this historic café, the restaurant also offers cannabis-free meals. And they’re sold separately as required by the California law. Even though the guests can enjoy both cannabis and other meals concurrently, the state’s law calls for a separation. That is why the cafe prepares food in different section and serves it to clients seated on the adjacent patio.  The regulation took effect after Flore Flora, the owner of this vibrant line of cannabis brand got a license.

What next for Cannabis Café after the name change?

Running as an independent company, the fate of this new brand isn’t clear. According to the stakeholders, the move to set Cannabis Café running as a different entity is perfect. And it will provide an opportunity for people from all walks of life to enjoy the unique strains of cannabis.

Of course, this must have been the masterpiece to marijuana smokers. And you can imagine how exciting it is to have a common place for marijuana comrades. Wouldn’t it be great to share the experience with the like-minded stoners of your caliber? Just incredible!

“This important social and historical establishment should belong to the cannabis community and industry, not any single cannabis corporation,” echoes Andrea Drummer, who is a partner and also executive chief known for her advocacy on marijuana reforms.

“By no longer being branded with a single company, our Cannabis Cafe will focus on its goal of presenting our diners with as diverse a range as possible of cannabis from small independent growers and entrepreneurs,” she added. With this concrete assurance, very little if not none is left to doubt and the Café is likely to face an epic shakeout.

What will be on the menu?

Based on the menu, the cafe will offer more than 100 strains of cannabis drawn from 45 growers. As the Cannabis Café undergoes significant improvements, Lowell Herb Co. wants to establish a new market in Nevada. But this time round, they will infuse cannabis in food during the pop-up launch in Las Vegas. Here is where a new market is set to begin later this month.

“Now we are turning our focus to expanding our innovative cafe concept and brand to new markets starting with Las Vegas. As we expand, our mission is to deliver the elevated brand experience consumers have come to expect from Lowell,” David Elias said.