“Last Chance!” Health Canada Reminds Citizens to Give Their Input on Cannabis Regulations

Health Canada has tweeted on Wednesday a reminder to Canadians that they have up until next week to pitch in their inputs to help the government envisage the country’s future rule on marijuana.

The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is implementing a nationwide legalization of marijuana in July, making Canada the first developed nation, and the second in the world after Uruguay, to fully legalize cannabis.

Canada introduced Bill C-45 in April last year to make the unprecedented changes. Health Canada is currently finalizing a consultation paper, and its aim is to give “input and views on the approach to these regulations.”

The paper will require citizens’ input on a myriad of issues, which include: “Cannabis product standards and packaging and labeling requirements.”

“The final regulations will need to be published in the [official] Canada Gazette, Part II, as soon as possible following Royal Assent,” read a government statement.

Scientists Want Funding

On Tuesday, scientists studying the health impacts of cannabis urged the Canadian federal government to implement a comprehensive research program.

“Considerably more funding has to be made available,” said Dr. Mark Ware, a pain researcher at McGill University.

In its final report, the federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, co-chaired by Ware, called for more federal leadership on supporting cannabis research.

The task force suggested that a portion of government revenue from taxes on cannabis be used to fund the research.