Lebanon to Legalize Medical Cannabis: House Speaker

Lebanon is readying to legalize medical cannabis, its House Speaker Nabih Berri said on Tuesday.

Berri told US Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard that Lebanon’s parliament is preparing to legalize cannabis cultivation and its production for medicinal use, the country’s official news agency.

However, Berri offered no timeframe for legalizing medical cannabis in Lebanon.

The news comes after Lebanese Caretaker Economy and Trade Minister Raed Khoury said recently that there was a plan to legalize cannabis farms for medical experts.

Khoury said the plan was devised by New York-based global consulting firm McKinsey & Company to diversify the country’s fledgling economy.

Since elections in May, talks s to form a new administration are continuing, keeping Lebanon with no government in place.

Lebanon is ranked as the world’s fourth-largest cannabis cultivator right after Morocco, Mexico, and Nigeria, according to a 2017 UN report.

Lebanon’s neighbor Israel, known for its marijuana research, already allows cannabis for specified medical conditions such as epilepsy.