Legalization: Approved By The House of Commons And Heading For Senate

After a gruelling year for the cannabis community in terms of legalization, hope seems to be returning today. The House of Commons approves for legislation. Now it heads for Senate.

The Liberal government originally promised to be on board for legalization in 2017. That was then moved to 2018, and cannabis community saw the repercussions quickly, hitting hard on dispensaries and edible companies.

However, Bill C-45 was finally approved Monday in the House of Commons. The vote was 200-82 which is a landslide. The bill will now head for Senate where it will see a major debate.

Bill C-45 States:

This enacts the Cannabis Act to provide legal access to cannabis and to control and regulate its production, distribution and sale. The objectives of the Act are to prevent young persons from accessing cannabis. To protect public health and public safety by establishing strict product safety and product quality requirements. To deter criminal activity by imposing serious criminal penalties for those operating outside the legal framework. The Act also intends to reduce the burden on the criminal justice system in relation to cannabis.

The problem with Senate is its current Conservative senators. The Conservative Party could hold up the passage of the bill, for that reason could hold up the government’s plan for legislation in July.

Bill c 45 looks good for legislation but legalization for a full country seems bleed.
Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, from left, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould and then health minister Jane Philpott introduced the federal government’s legislation last April. Bill C-45 could pass a key hurdle.

via CBC 

Prior to the vote, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said:

“Commons approval of Bill C-45 marks an “important milestone” in the government’s plans to keep pot profits out of the hands of organized crime and marijuana out of the hands of kids.”

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Is The Vote In for Legalization?

The federal NDP supports the government’s legislation to scrap a requirement that home-grown marijuana plants be less than 100 centimetres tall, therefore, require that legislation for cannabis edibles and concentrates be brought forward within a year.

The Conservatives have been pushing for the Liberal government to reconsider. Arguing it would be more responsible to consider a July 2019 deadline instead of July 2018. Above all, the push for legalization for another year would be horrific.

Bill C 45 marks an important milestone for legalization and the hopes of controlled substance.
Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says the Commons vote on Bill C-45 marks an “important milestone”. Government’s plans to keep pot profits out of the hands of organized crime and marijuana out of the hands of kids.

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Furthermore, the promises that Justin Trudeau made to the cannabis community left no protection. For people fighting it seems like forever until that date to come. Until then the hope is for the Senate to see the value and to keep pushing forward and not behind. Legalization is necessary for the control and regulation but the community can not wait any longer.