Legalization of Cannabis in Canada? – June 7th 2018 – Bill c-45!

Weed Legalization: June 7th, 2018: The Day Bill C-45 Passed

June 7th, 2018 marked a big day not only for Canada, but the whole world. The notorius Bill c-45 was passed. Signifying the approval from the Senate, Canada was poised to become the second country to fully legalize recreational cannabis, while other countries gaze through a watchful eye over what occurs in the next few years.

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Officially known as the Cannabis Act, the Senate of Canada approved the proposed bill on June 7th, 2018, with some minor amendments to be made. With the final bill being given Royal Assent only two weeks later, the act was poised to be in full swing by October 17th, 2018.

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  • June 7th, 2018 is the day Bill C-45 was approved by the Senate, with October 17th, 2018 being the day it comes into effect.
  • Individual provinces set their own jurisdiction on the sale, possession, growth, and consumption of cannabis.
  • From election to legalization, it took 1,078 days for the Liberal Party of Canada to legalize cannabis.
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Now federally legal to possess, purchase, grow, and consume nationwide, freedoms never before dreamt of are now a reality across the country. June 7th of 2018 was a day that made local and international headlines, met with the celebration of millions with the idea that their casual consumption is no longer criminal.

Uruguay was, in fact, the first entire country to legalize recreational cannabis, and did so back in December of 2018. There are still some strong restrictions on the sale, distribution, and growth of the plant in place, however.

3 Years in the Making – How Long Legalization Took Canada.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party of Canada had legal cannabis proposed as one of their major campaign points as early as 2012. After being elected Prime Minister in 2015, steps were slowly being made to follow up on his campaign promises.

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Taking just under three years for the amendment to be written and reach the Senate of Canada, June 7th, 2018 marked a monumental day for Canada and the seal of approval was set.

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Though Canada has nationwide legalized all four aspects of plant commerce, individual provinces have put down their own framework as they see fit. While in Alberta up to four plants can be grown and it can be smoked publicly where tobacco is permitted, Manitoba prohibits any home growing and public consumption.

Canada Now and the Future

While the overall atmosphere in Canada hasn’t changed much in just a couple months and the country hasn’t devolved into chaos or complete harmony, the test of time will be a true indicator regarding all things social.

Countries around the world will be watching Canada closely. With the prospect of economic success and social cohesion being at the forefront of priorities, we’re likely to see other countries emulate the steps Canada took towards legalization.

The state of Colorado has seen over USD $5.6 billion in sales to date from legal cannabis, with over $862 million being collected for tax revenue. There’s no doubt of the economic power recreational cannabis has, and hopeful hearts are anticipating similar economic success up north.

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