Legalizing Marijuana: Could Lead To A Communist Revolution Says Alberta Conservative MLA

Legalization of marijuana has brought forth opinions from each political party. Alberta Conservative MLA Ron Orr worried that legalizing marijuana could send Canada down a slippery slope into communism.

In Alberta legislature happened Wednesday to denounce legalizing marijuana, the culture and tourism. Jason Kenney’s, United Conservative Party, said “smoking marijuana” has become a “fashionable, refined pastime amongst the young.”

Alberta lawmaker warned the “human, social cost of this is going to be astronomical,” but “nobody’s taken a moment to think about it.”

Conservation party view on legalizing marijuana
The debate around legalizing marijuana has led to many different arguments both for and against the move. But an argument made by a United Conservative MLA in Alberta this week is new. As Tom Vernon reports, the argument involves communism.

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Seems like, Orr, has thought about the recreational use of marijuana and he sees a historical connection. A connection with the use of opium in “seventeenth-century China. Opium is a flower, when smoked, gives a happy joy feeling.

Also, Orr went to argue, that historical parallels should be cause for alarm when thinking about legalizing marijuana. Therefore, the opium trade led to “a number of serious wars” and set the stage for the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

“Their whole society was so broken down and debilitated. OPium contributed to the Chinese Cultural Revolution. under the communists, the execution of thousands of people, dealers were executed. fields were ploughed under and planted with real food. and I, for one, am not really willing to go down this road. The human tragedy of what’s going to happen with this has yet to be revealed. Yes, opium smoking, like marijuana, was a fashionable. A refined pastime. but I’ll tell you something, it doesn’t lead to the good life. It’s an escape.”

Other Legalization Opinions:

Alberta look into legalizing marijuana
Bills governing Alberta’s legal weed sales and high driving passed this week.

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Additionally, Alberta NDP MLA and Minister of Children’s Services Danielle Larivee called the comments “really ridiculous” and “inappropriate,”. As a result, they do not contribute positively to the conversation.

“We all know that’s totally ridiculous and that’s not contributing in any positive way to the conversation we’re having. Albertans want us to focus on the practical things and their everyday life.”

Furthermore, Opposition House Leader Jason Nixon urged people to look at Orr’s comments in the full context of the speech.

“I would have used a different language around his argument and I think Mr. Orr now would like to use different language around it. But at its core, what he was talking about was the compassion. and that’s what he was going for. It’s important to look at it in the whole context,” the UCP MLA said.

Importantly, The Alberta government is introducing rules to align with the federal cannabis legalization plan. Changes are to align its rules with pending Criminal Code amendments.

Marijuana is to be legal across Canada as of July 1, 2018.