Liberty Health Sciences Responds to Jeff Sessions

Liberty Health Sciences responds to a memorandum issued by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Liberty Health Sciences Inc., an investor, and operator in the medical cannabis market provided the following statement in response to the memorandum on marijuana enforcement issued by United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions on January 4, 2018:

“Liberty is a licensed medical cannabis company that strictly adheres to the laws in the U.S. states in which we operate. As a medical cannabis company, we are protected against enforcement by enacted legislation from U.S. Congress in the form of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment.”
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In Response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Jeff sessions won't stop liberty health sciences
Sessions told reporters during a Wednesday press briefing on the opiate crisis, and marijuana policy was on the table—specifically, the Cole Memo. via The High Times

“It is our interpretation that the memorandum dated January 4, 2018, issued by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is largely in response to the recreational cannabis marketplace in California becoming effective on January 1, 2018. It does not affect the medical cannabis marketplace. The memorandum does nothing other than rescind the Obama-era Cole Memorandum. Also, it restates the well-established criteria associated with prosecutorial authority and decisions within the U.S. Attorney General’s Office.”

“There are presently over 10 bills pending to assist and/or protect the cannabis marketplace. This includes the Rohrabacher Amendments that protect state-licensed medical cannabis operators. This protects from prosecution so long as their operations are compliant with state law. This protection has existed since 2013. Within the last two years, several federal prosecutors have attempted enforcement actions against state licensed and compliant medical cannabis operators.”

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Life Health Sciences Beliefs

“We believe that the memorandum is not in tune with the realities of the modern-day U.S. cannabis marketplace. The apparent shift in policy ignores the strong bi-partisan support for medical and recreational cannabis within the U.S. Congress and amongst Americans. This is underscored by the strong and swift bi-partisan negative reaction from Congressional leadership to Attorney General Sessions’ memorandum. Presently, over 60% of Americans live in a state where cannabis is legal either medically or recreationally. Over 80% of Americans support the legalization of cannabis in one form or another.”

“We want to reassure shareholders that we remain committed to producing medical – not recreational – cannabis in the U.S. states where medical cannabis is legal.  In addition, we will continue to pursue our existing strategy for reliable and affordable medical grade cannabis to improve the quality of people’s lives. We continue to actively engage with our well-positioned governmental advisors at the federal level. This is to provide assistance to federal officials on the ongoing U.S. policymaking initiatives related to medical cannabis in the U.S. We are committed to ensuring that the interests of our shareholders and patients are protected.”

About Liberty Health Sciences Inc.

Life health science promises to protect its medical patients
Medical Marijuana is provided for those dealing with disorders such as chronic pain. via Cannascribe

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (“Liberty”) is an investor and operator in the medical cannabis market. They capitalize on new and existing opportunities in U.S. states where medical cannabis is legal.  Also, Liberty’s stringent investment criteria expansion maximizes returns to shareholders. Liberty has an extensive background in highly regulated industries, with expertise in becoming a low-cost producer. In addition, Liberty leverages commercial greenhouse knowledge to deliver high-quality, clean and safe pharmaceutical grade cannabis to patients.

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