Which Canadian Licensed Producer Will Source Cannabis for the NSLC?

Another deal is up for grabs for LPs of cannabis in Canada. But which licensed producer will secure the supply contract?

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) is searching for a retail supplier in preparation for cannabis legalization this year. According to documents uploaded to the official Nova Scotia Tender Website, they have asked for information from all licensed producers of cannabis.

The website says: “In order to be ready for the summer launch date, we have a lot of work to do and it is going to happen quickly.”

It adds:

“For that reason, we wanted to reach out to the supplier community as soon as possible in the process.”

An indication of what consumers may be able to purchase at that start of retail sales at NLSC outlets was also released with the documents. The largest licensed producer in Canada is Canopy Growth Corp, but with Aurora’s acquisition of CanniMed this week, competition is fierce. Breathing Green Solutions is the first licensed producer in the province, so they may have a leg up. Time will tell.

Five Subcategories of Cannabis Products

The NSLC anticipates products available in the following five categories.

  1. Dried Flowers
  2. Pre-rolled
  3. Clones and seeds
  4. Oil Extract
  5. Accessories

Packaged cannabis will vary by weight and cannabis strain. Cannabis is available in one-gram, 3.5-gram, seven-gram, 15-gram and 30-gram packages. Depending on the specific strain, pre-rolled joints could be available individually or in five-packs.

The NLSC are also considering grinders, hand pipes, vaporizers and water pipes.

In addition, the NSLC has requested information on the estimated quantities an LP may be able to supply, retail availability dates, retail packaging, and the variety of products available.