Lift marks a new milestone after 20,000 attend its Toronto marijuana expo

Almost 20,000 people have attended a three-day expo, starting May 25, in the heart of downtown Toronto, marking a new milestone for Lift&co, the media company behind the event.

The figure spells a 25 per cent increase in comparison to its 2017 edition in Toronto, and 30 per cent for its expo in Vancouver held this January.

About 260 exhibitors showcased their green products and equipment related to the various stages to grow and cultivate marijuana. If compared to Toronto’s expo last year, the number of companies exhibiting has increased by 30 per cent.

The expo hosted 22-panel sessions with a total of 88 speakers who took to the main stage. This was sponsored by Beleave Inc. (CSE: BE), a Canadian biotech company and an authorized licensed producer of medical-grade cannabis.

While the majority of the panelists were Canadians and U.S.-based, Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology Andrew Wheatley was among them, signaling more of an international interest to tap into the ever-growing green trend.

Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati, a marijuana advocate and now a potpreneur brought his medal along and posed for photos with attendees at his Ross’ Gold Glass booth.

The Sisters of the Valley, a California-based group of nuns who product medical marijuana products, also attended the expo. They promoted their documentary, Breaking Habits, which debuted at Cannes this year.

Held near the central Union Station, the expo had over 220,000 square feet of exhibition space filled, a 50 percent increase if compared to its last year’s edition.

The Canadian Senate is expected to give its final voting on the Cannabis Act on June 7. If approved, Canada will be the second country after Uruguay to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.