Louisville is Urging Lawmakers to Give Medical Marijuana a Chance

Louisville is urging state lawmakers to give medical marijuana a chance.

On Thursday, a decision was reached supporting a legislation in Kentucky authorizing the use of medical marijuana. The decision was made after many residents with severe medical issues stated they need an alternative to opium. The Metro Council approved medical marijuana after a vote of 20-4.

The legislation also requests that marijuana is changed from a schedule 1 substance on the basis that the federal government should study the use of medical marijuana. The requests came after the members on the Metro Council heard a testimony that fully endorsed House Bill 166. The bill allows patients to have access to the use of medical marijuana, only if prescribed by a registered doctor.

Before this conclusion was met, the council hosted three town hall meetings in February to hear from the residents who petitioned the state and city officials for the authorization to use medical marijuana as a pain reducer for specific medical problems.

Councilwoman and registered nurse, Vicki Welch stated that our people overwhelmingly showed us that they need this in our community and they want to be legal with it.

Many Kentucky residents came to share their stories in order to endorse the House Bill that would allow them to use the substance.

Chad Rediker, a Louisville resident, explained to the council that the use of vape oil which is produced from hemp assists greatly with his depression. He suffers from bipolar disorder and the drug allows him to feel normal instead of manic. He stated that throughout his life he has used cannabis to feel normal. It allows him to wake with a smile on his face, it calms the storms and it turns that tiny black hole into a shiny star. It makes him happy to be alive.

“It turns my Pink Floyd into The Beatles.”

However, Councilwoman Marilyn Parker, another registered nurse, explained there are many concerns embedded in the legislation, like allowing patients and their caregivers to have up to a dozen marijuana plants and seedlings at their homes. She stated that to her it would minimize the states ability to regulate medical marijuana and the misuse that may follow.

“It would be the most liberal policy of any state that has legalized cannabis medically.”

The residence of Kentucky will have to adhere to the regulations implemented by the city and the state, in accordance with the bill. The patients must be recommended by a registered doctor who has the authority to prescribe the drug. The bill also stipulates that

Under the proposal, a patient would have to have a recommendation from a health practitioner who meets certain requirements. People would also have to obtain an identification card from the state to receive their prescription. patients cannot smoke their medicinal marijuana in public and that any seller must have state-approved licenses. Not all patients will be allowed the use of medical marijuana, only specific illnesses, according to proponents, such as cognitive disorders, seizures, hepatitis C, traumatic brain injury and irritable bowel syndrome.

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The legalization will boost the economy of Kentucky

The legalization of marijuana for medical reasons is an economic boost for Kentucky. Once approved by legislation the cities and counties will be granted permission to govern over the dispensaries and Government should see an influx of income from the production and distribution tax.

However, those who are against medical marijuana have forewarned that law officials will have to vigilant because those who have no prescription for the drug will be found among those using it.

A statement was released by, Mayor Greg Fischer, that he will not be signing any proposal from the council that requests a change in legislative action. He did state that he supports measures that would allow that in Kentucky — while ensuring that it’s tightly regulated to prevent its misuse.