Maine’s doctors can now recommend medical cannabis in spite of Gov. LePage

Maine’s House of Representatives and the Senate have voted in favor of a new legislation allowing doctors to use their discretion to prescribe medical marijuana.

The new bill, which amends the current medical marijuana legislation, is set to remove the list of qualifying conditions prohibiting doctors from using their discretion to recommend cannabis for their patients.

The new change is scheduled to go into effect in 90 days.

In addition, the new amendment allows for six new medical marijuana dispensaries and gives local municipalities the power to pass additional laws.

It also permits caregivers, who produce and dispense medical marijuana to registered patients, the option of expansion.

Co-chairman of the health and human services committee, Eric Brakey, believes the bill will make Maine’s current medical marijuana legislation more effective.

“Maine’s medical cannabis program is already one of the best in the country. The passage of L.D. 1539 will make it even stronger. More access and choice for patients. More flexibility for legal businesses. And more integrity to the overall program.”
Governor LePage previously rejected the bill on the grounds that he believes it would open to many doors to recreational marijuana (Image via Marijuana Times)

The bill was previously rejected by Governor LePage but was recently approved by the Maine lawmakers.

The Governor explained that he believed that the bill opened way too many doors for recreational marijuana, already legal, to further mushroom.