Man runs away after realizing he is caught on live TV carrying his weed

Britain  — A man was caught on live television carrying what it seems to be a tall marijuana plant. The incident happened while British news anchor Cameron Tucker was reporting on cannabis farming.

Tucker was doing a follow-up story on a British couple, who were caught on Monday with 88 cannabis plants growing in their home in the semi-rural village of Hoath, Kent.

Kent is a county in South East England and one of the home counties located northeast of the UK.

During the KMTV live television segment on Tuesday, a man was seen walking with what seems to be a pot plant, but once he realized there is a news crew in the area filming, he started running away.

Tucker, during the live feed, was saying: “Well last August when it was found that Neil and Yvette Hartley had been growing about 90 cannabis plants.

Little did their neighbors know that in this quiet pretty little corner of the Kent countryside, the cottage just over my shoulder has been where they had been growing cannabis.”

The couple, Neil, 45, and Yvette, 48, both pleaded guilty to producing what is considered as Class B drug in the UK, but a sympathetic judge on Monday spared them any jail sentence.

While Kent Police know of the hilarious footage, they say they are not aware of any crimes being committed.