Manitoba legislators sit late into the night to pass weed bills before break

One bill establishes 19 as the legal age for purchasing recreational marijuana and also allows for private retailers to sell the product once it’s legalized by the federal government.

Another bill restricts marijuana from being smoked in virtually all public places, including parks, sidewalks and campsites.

The Progressive Conservative government got a dozen other bills approved last night, including one that will let legislature members switch party caucuses.

The move undoes a ban on floor-crossing brought in by the former NDP government in 2006, and which was being challenged in court by Independent member Steven Fletcher.

The bills will receive their final stamp of approval from the lieutenant-governor on Monday, when the legislature is scheduled to break for the summer.

Among the bills that were not passed in the spring sitting is one that will enact a $25-per-tonne carbon tax and drive up the cost of gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane.

The Opposition New Democrats delayed that bill and four others until the fall.

The Canadian Press

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