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As the cannabis industry grows so does the volume of marijuana business news. Massive investments into the retail, production, and marketing of cannabis have seen this industry become a billion dollar on overnight. Before diving head first into the industry it pays to have an informed, perspective on all things cannabis. With The Puff Puff Post, you can stay informed in the number one hub for the marijuana business.

Here are some of our top trending articles, to get you started in marijuana business news.

Louisiana First Medical Marijuana Crop Could Planted Today

While The Puff Puff Post is based in Canada, our informed journalists cover developments in the cannabis industry in the United States and worldwide as well. Keeping up to date on both the legal medical market and the up and coming recreational market pays dividends. This article features the recent developments in the medical marijuana industry of Louisiana.

“Everyone is working hard together to move forward.”

Control over one’s economy is tantamount to control over one’s destiny. As legalization continues to gain momentum, the Puff Puff Post will keep you up to date with the aboriginal struggle for sovereignty over their cannabis industry. This article will keep you in tune with many of the hardships and struggles the First Nations community faces.

”Listen, we have aboriginal treaty rights, we have economic rights as First Nations people. Who is Canada to say we can’t have a dispensary in our community?”

Legalization: Approved By The House of Commons And Heading For Senate

Marijuana business news encompasses the political policies that will impact the structure and integrity of Canada’s cannabis economy. The Puff Puff Post is on the beat keeping you knowledgeable about legalization and all the changes that are happening. With us, you’ll never miss a beat with the latest and greatest news. This article is an example of how The Puff Puff Post has been covering the cannabis rights movement’s political side since day one.

“Commons approval of Bill C-45 marks an “important milestone” in the government’s plans to keep pot profits out of the hands of organized crime and marijuana out of the hands of kids.”

Cannabis Tax Revenue a Hot Topic for Canadian Provinces

With legalization on the horizon, the structure of the cannabis economy is a point of curiosity for many observers. This article discusses plans for cannabis tax revenue within Canadian provinces. The Puff Puff Post recognizes the necessity of understanding black and grey markets and the post-legalization world. If you are looking for information on where your taxes are going, our marijuana business news will keep you up to date.

“As things go on it is becoming increasingly clear that legalization is all about money. Thus, users may be in for some unpleasant surprises come 2018.”

Enough Marijuana For October Says Health Canada

Defeating the black market is one of the most publicized objectives of the Trudeau government. This article explored how supply and demand, and effective systems of logistics can fight organized crime. The success of cannabis in October is contingent upon Health Canada, and various provincial organizations being able to effectively provision cannabis companies.

“Health Canada has noted that it has changed the way in which it processes licenses for weed producers in the lead up to legalization. As a result, Canada is now home to 111 licensed producers of cannabis.”