Marijuana Grow Ops in National Forests Becoming More Common

Marijuana Grow Ops in National Forests — U.S. Forestry Service Reports That Tons of Marijuana Plants are Being Discovered in the Forests of America

Last year federal narcotics agents removed over 1.4 million marijuana plants hidden in some of the nation’s most secluded forests.

In the San Bernardino National Forest, one of California’s many beautiful, natural sanctuaries DEA agents have destroyed approximately 50 pounds of marijuana.

So far, agents have not been able to catch the owners of the 5,000 plants explained, Dan Briot of the U.S. Forest Service, who is overseeing the operation.

“We have a marijuana garden down here with an unknown number of plants and as of right now an unknown number of suspects.”
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These marijuana farmers were extremely capable, planting their crops beneath the trees and setting up a rather sophisticated irrigation system.

They were able to source water from a nearby natural stream, creating their own reservoir in the forest.

According to Briot, illegal marijuana is not the major issue at play here, it is the effect the matter is having on the forest.

Therefore, the operation is not focusing on the war on drugs, but more so on the task of protecting the environment.

Briot explained that the crop owners are doing tremendous damage to the national forest by removing the vegetation to grow the marijuana.

“The environmental damage is huge.”
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Although the majority of the plants have been removed the damage to the forest remains.

In addition to the plants, they disposed of loads of trash and toxic chemicals like carbofuran, a pesticide that has been banned from the U.S.

The result of these operations is that the area has been transformed into a toxic waste dump. Even a small amount of carbofuran is able to destroy wildlife and further damage an area that is already littered with trash from local campsites.

Currently, nearly 400 illegal marijuana growing sites are being discovered in national forests each year.

However, Dan Briot detailed that for every site found there are about two or three that remain undiscovered.

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