New Figures: Cannabis Job Postings in U.S. Outpacing Tech, Dental Hygienists

Some reports say there are more Americans with marijuana jobs than there are dental hygienists in the United States.

The total number of job postings pertaining to the marijuana industry jumped as high as 445 percent last year, a recent study conducted by ZipRecruiter showed.

Last year, both Nevada and Massachusetts legalized marijuana. Also, California on Jan. 1 became the largest U.S. state to legalize cannabis.

The figure was up by 18 percent compared to 2016.

Currently, there are nine states that have legalized recreational marijuana while 29 others legalized the medical use of cannabis.

Marijuana Workers vs. Dental Hygienists

The momentum spearheaded by U.S. states legalizing marijuana is spurring the cannabis industry to outperform other sectors such as tech and health care.

“Year over year growth of job posts in the cannabis industry is outpacing both tech (254% growth) and healthcare (70% growth),” the report said. It added: “By some reports, there are 14% more legal marijuana workers than there are dental hygienists in the United States.”

The last quarter of 2017 witnessed a “dramatic leap” in the number of new cannabis industry job posts.

“The number of cannabis industry job posts increased 693% year over year and 79% quarter over quarter,” it said.

“This impressive growth can probably be attributed to SMBs preparing for the kick-off of retail cannabis sales in Q1 of 2018 in huge markets like California.”

California, almost 40 million, has a bigger population than Canada.