The State of Marijuana News in Canada: Current Media

Marijuana news in Canada has exploded in 2018. And with that comes good news, bad news, and the fake news!

Marijuana news in Canada is breaking the scene around the world. Whether it’s in more established publications or young companies trying to get their foot in the door and put content out, cannabis news is taking over. With the promotion of healthy friendly cannabis also comes some backlash. In fact, large news sources are refusing to publicize the information. Furthermore, the competition against the government’s anti-cannabis agenda can be difficult. This is further exacerbated by the fight against the millennial force of “Fake News”.

Nevertheless, no matter the source, marijuana news in Canada is becoming a trend on the rise.

Marijuana News in Canada

The Good
The Puff Puff Post

The Puff Puff Post may be new, but it has taken Canadian publications by storm with its growth in users. This new outlet was created to bolster the discussion about all things cannabis. Additionally, this company promotes factual, timely news to ensure its users can always be informed. This is integral in an age of fake news and amateur internet journalism. The Puff Puff Post isn’t just limited to covering the headlines, however. The organization is on the cutting edge of the world worldwide fight for cannabis right, digging to uncover the stories about legalization, health, education, stocks and more. The Puff Puff Post is the perfect guide to the booming landscape of marijuana news in Canada.


The HERB is one of the most trending cannabis news websites out there. Not limited to the catering to the stereotypical “couch-locked” stoner, they represent a vast scope of cannabis users. Respected for their diversity, open-mindedness, and goal-oriented approach, this company is all cannabis without the negativity. The Herb takes pride in giving the top marijuana news in Canada, with factual and fun information and resources.

“We believe that cannabis is more than just a plant. Above all, we believe that cannabis is a catalyst to experience, to curiosity, to culture, to the community, and to health. It’s not about the plant. It’s about what you choose to do with it.”
Marijuana Biz Daily 

If you are looking for the leading business source for cannabis news… Look no further. Marijuana Business Daily is a leading information resource for the medical and retail cannabis industries. This media company runs on the principals of connecting the cannabis community and building the marijuana industry. Their editors and reporters work intensively on bringing in talent from the best cultivators, infusion makers, and financial professionals. This allows users access to information they can trust and connects anyone who wants to network within a safe space. Marijuana news in Canada is flourishing thanks to MJBiz’s many resources, from newsletters to hemp reports, hosting and tradeshows. MJBiz represents itself as an incredibly reliable awarding winning news site producing daily and monthly material.

* Marijuana Business Daily is also a proud member of the Associated Press *

The Bad

There is a massive list of unsupportive cannabis websites and publications who thrive on promoting prohibition. From news organizations to magazines, many companies are told to stay clear of marijuana news in Canada. The most pertinent issue is that the large news companies like Fox, Global, and CNN are producing news that may not be beneficial to their viewership or those looking to expand their knowledge.

With new laws surrounding cannabis legalization in 2018, this may change, but for now, large news sources are either ignoring all things cannabis or producing material that negatively highlights the plant. At times this can be as simple as the language and the images used to frame the discussion about cannabis. Words like “pot” reinforce criminal stereotypes about the plant, yet they are commonly utilized within these news outlets. In addition, most of these outlets work diligently to spread negative information on marijuana news in Canada, often sourcing doctors, political parties and trusted advisors as allies.

And The Fake 

2018 may have been the year of cannabis but it has also been the year of questionable marijuana news in Canada. From Trump to global wars, the information that is provided can sometimes raise eyebrows. A new trend in media has emerged: fake news is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes. This is then spread via traditional print, broadcast news media or online social media. And like the controversial topic to be featured in the media, cannabis has had its fair share of fake news coverage.

One of the most notable was a story covered by the Washington Post. Followed by many media outlets, it was reported an 11-month-old baby in Dever had been the first to die from marijuana. This was a false claim. Both sides of the aisle have been known to stretch the truth at times. A second fake news story laid a pro-cannabis claiming that the WHO (World Health Organization) declared cannabis to be safe. While a plethora of scientific research has verified that cannabis is safe for consumption, the WHO never made that claim. In another instance, Louisiana state representative Dodie Horton spoke about a 2014 satirical news article from The Daily Currant claiming that 37 people had died from “marijuana overdoses” in Colorado after legalization went into effect. And this information was also not true. And the list goes on.

In our current social and political climate, we need to know how to filter out fake news. While it can be hard to filter cannabis news because of the novelty of the topic, it is important to stay diligent and educated. Using several credible sources, that aren’t just large publications is a good start. In addition, websites like The Cannabist have sections designated to debunking fake news and mining for the truth.  Lastly, the informed public has their own duty in the fight against fake news. Staying true to what you know and understand about cannabis coupled with asking questions and educating yourself will help in the quest for truth in journalism