In the Pipeline This Year: $10M Marijuana Processing Plant to Open in London, ON

The city of London, Ontario will build a $10M, 56,000-square-foot marijuana processing plant to be up and running later this year.

Behind the opening of the High Park plant in London – 169 km south of Toronto – is the British Columbia-based medical marijuana company Tilray, Global News reported on Wednesday.

Tilray’s CEO Brendan Kennedy said the facility will be receiving its dried marijuana produce from High Park Farms, a 100-acre property with 13 acres of greenhouses that’s under construction in Enniskillen – a small community approximately 90 km from London.

High Park will turn dried marijuana into blends, edibles, pre-rolls, vape oil cartridges and other products.

Kennedy said:

“Our intent is that all of the products that High Park distributes across Canada, for the adult use market, will be processed in London.”

High Park is expected to create 75 job openings.

The new plant so far has signed deals to produce and distribute for a number of different brand names.

These brands, which have been tested in various markets including the ones abroad, are “Marley Natural, the women’s wellness brand Irisa, the frequent consumer brand Dutchy, the luxury brand Grail, the experienced consumer brand Headlight, an edible brand Goodship, and the chew/confection brand Wallops,” Global News reported.

However, some products like vape oil cartridges and edibles won’t be permitted since Canada won’t allow their sales only a year later after the nationwide legalization this summer.

“Our intent would be to eventually build a bakery in that facility, so that we can produce various types of edible, per the regulations,” the CEO said.